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Aiight, so I've got plenty of funny stuff I've done...

Mostly involving doing stuff and not remembering them...

Like apparently one time when I had attempted to quit smoking I had gone out to best buy, and purchased a 128 meg ram stick, and a game, fully installed both of them, and woke up having not remembered any of it... turning on my computer and seeing 257Blah blah blah KB ram, and was like... wait a minute... yesterday it said 128... what the hell, saw a new game and was like, oh, someone else must have gotten the upgrades, so I open the bag look at the recipt, and at the time everyone else was at work... Wierd

Another time, which is not quite as funny and more like sucky to me during my 2nd attempt to quit smoking 5 years ago I went to sleep on a monday in the afternoon, and woke up in the afternoon about an hour before I had went to sleep, and I was like wow, I slept for 23 hours, man that was relaxing, and I go downstairs and my mother said where were you, and I said, I was sleeping... "FOR 3 DAYS???" and I turn on the TV not believing her, and it was thursday... so apparently I lapsed into a low grade coma and woke up 3 days later... wow... that sucked... I lost 3 days of lounging around...

The other time I attempted to quit smoking it turned out to be a 4 day coma instead... very uncool, so I've lost a total of 8 days trying to quit smoking...

Another time apparently I was at a starbucks and some girl I had just met was sitting on my lap and rocking back and forth and of course what had to come up, so she jumps up and yelps, and she starts whispering to her friend who digs through her purse, and then grabs my hand... starts dragging me out back... This is the part I can't remember... and I say "So what are we doing", "c'mon we're gonna go *Self edit* out back", and apparently I just came to a stop and said "No... not with you..." and walked away...

I so don't remember doing that but I've got like 5 people who vouched for me doing it... and it wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't said it as cold and callous as I apparently did.

So that's all I'm listing, as the rest are just a bit too explicit for the forums... yes... they do get worse...
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