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Galactic Civilizations II: The Dread Lords

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I am a huge 4x space gamer!

Upon release MOO3 was such a let down both financially and spiritually for the whole genre. ( although I hear now that the mod community has taken up the slack and patched and modded the game enough to make it actually play decently, it's worth rechecking I guess. )

Anyway, after MOO3 failed there was an independent title release called Galactic Civilizations and it was a a shot in the arm for us 4x gamers even though it wasn't spectacular or earthshattering.

Lo and behold here comes it's bigger, badder, ( better? ) brother Galactic Civilizations II.

Link: civ

It is poised to take it's place as the premier game for 4x'ers and with a launch price of under $40 it already has my support.

Do yourselves a favor and look seriously at this game if you are a fan of the genre.
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Anyone else miss the X-Com Series?

I mis-spent my youth on them :(
Aw that game looks really good, but i just bought the first one yesterday : /.
I would possiabley buy it if my pc could run it! but ill wait till they release the pc specs for it first.

I played one called X-Com :enemy unknown its very old graphics but it doesnt work on windows XP just w98 or w95. The latest one of the series looks really really good to play but you need like a 256mb grap card and lots of memory to play it.
I used to play Stars! alot and was a reasonably decent player, too. I've since sorta fallen away from the genre, though. I've got the Galactic Civilisations demo installed, but never actually played it. The lack of a good in-game tutorial was rather disheartening.
It went gold yesterday and is due in stores 2/21/2006!


Ostsol said:
I used to play Stars!
Great game, I haven't played it in a while either and I suspect I may never get back to it with the release of this title.
Well, I just got the game, yesterday. It's great. :) The interface is smooth and the gamplay manages to provide plenty of depth without alot of micromanagement. The game does really seem to encourage diplomatic or cultural victories over military, though. It actually takes quite a while to get a good fleet going.
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