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game tomorrow

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I am going to be playing a game against a tomb kings player tomorrow of 2k and was wondering if there was anything i should watch out for? other than the casket. i will be useing a mixed list of beasts and hordes with many of the usual nasties in a chaos army. any advice you can give me would be a great help.
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Aww, my two armies going head to head... :)

Flyers are your friend, use them to null the casket / SSC, or ambush them instead.

Watch out for Scorps. They are bad enough usually, but remember you get no rank bonus when tehy charge you, and will likely hurt your herds.

Fear may be difficult to get around, are you fussed about Marks? Consider Slannesh.

Minotaurs, with 2xHWs should be able to tear through Skellies.

Ill add more as i think...
Nope, but the beasts will only be ranking up 4 wide against it, so they wont get a bonus. They will outnumber, but with the Scorps T5 they wont likely wound. And the Scorp will be able to get a good few kills i think.
Ofcourse if you have a Character in there then you may be ok.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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