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GameCon Spokane is holding its first annual event on January 15, 16, and 17, 2010 at Gonzaga University in Spokane Washington. GameCon Spokane is 48 hours of gaming for gamers by gamers. It is all gaming, all the time!

GameCon will feature a WARMACHINE! Tournament, a Warhammer 40,000 Tournament, role-playing games, Magic the Gathering, Board games, and many, many more events!

For more details, check out our website, GameCon Spokane | Are You Game?! You can pre-register there and don’t forget to check out the forums. In fact, post in the forums to let us know what you want to play and if you want to run and/or organize games yourself!


Gamers love to game, that is obvious! What is not obvious to many people, is that many gamers are also socially responsible, generous and strong members of our community. To that end, we at GameCon intend to show the community that not only do we know how to get together in our wide and varied groups for some real fun, but we also care about our community too.

GameCon Spokane is supporting two different charities for 2010. The first I will mention is St. Aloysius School. St. Al's is a private catholic school that has close ties with Gonzaga University, our generous hosts. To show goodwill to Gonzaga, and to promote the values of gaming; (values like good sportsmanship, honesty, diversity, and creativity) we are using the proceeds from GameCon to buy books! We will purchase Science Fiction and Fantasy books for the school library at St. Al's.

The second charity I want to talk about is Second Harvest food bank. Second Harvest is well known to those of us in the Spokane Area. They provide food to needy families and individuals in our community. They help thousands of families every year, and who knows how many gamers are included in that number? That is why we are including a non-perishable food item in the cost of entry to the con. In fact, I would love it if each person would bring one food item each day they come to the con. It is a small step to take to help our brothers and sisters in need. As a further incentive, the person who brings the highest number of food items (separate packages) at one time during the weekend of GameCon Spokane, will earn a FREE entry to GameCon Spokane 2011!

I hope it helps you decide to come join us for fun and games, when you know that by coming, you are being socially responsible! Not only are you supporting families in need, but you are also contributing to the literacy of children!

Grab your dice, your cards, your models, your boardgames, and do responsible thing--Game On!!
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