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gargoyle wings on warriors..

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gargoyle wings on warriors.. PICS!

hi i was thinking aboug how slow my warriors are and glanced at my gargoyles that is only collecting dust in a corner.. i will be forced to use alot of green stuff but i think the finished model will look rather cool. im not in the mood of pay multum for those forgeworld wings even if i had the money...

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can't take extended carapace with with wings so your ultra pricey winged warriors will die to bolt gun fire rather easily...

And the dark elf pegasus wings are perfect for warriors!
well i was thinking of giving them ST rending and wings and no more.. that should keep the points down. and if i move them behind my hivetyrant he should block line of sight etc.. :D

is it these you propose?

they look cool but expensive.. :( thats 6£ for a pair and gargoyle wings is 2£ and i have a couple..
wow! those were cool! and they match my "dragon wings" on my hive tyrant! but its the money that makes me take the gargoyle wings.. but maybee in the future i will buy some of those!!
so ive finished with a few warriors with wings and i got to say it looks rather cool!

sorry for the bad pics my friend did not bring his cam.
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