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Hello all,

I'm sure that many of you have noticed but the gaunt box set is no longer available. I'm making this post because i've just recently had an urge to collect Tyranids, my 40k horoscope said to whether i had the money or not, the fact that there's a new codex coming soon is also cool.

However, i was thinking, is the upcoming release why the gaunts box set has been removed?



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Kinda. I'm guessing it just allows people to focus on either type of gaunt. Previously, you got 8 of each type. Let's say you don't care about basic gaunts and just want hormies... well now you can do that.

The new boxing is 12 of one type. Retailers have all the info on the new releases, what's plastic and how many figs in a box.

Looks like Jan 16th is the official release date. (according to various sources)

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I think the plastic sets are Raveners, the Trygon and Gargoyles. The Gaunts and Hormagaunts will be going into different boxes.

I do remember with the plastic Chaos Marines they got a new box. The Chaos Marines were the same but they were on different sprues with more stuff and better options. It is possible that the Gaunts and Hormagaunts will be improved this way, well we can only hope.
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