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Geminthal Craftworld Project

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Eldar, High Elves, Space Wolves and a little of Lamenters

Hello Guys,

I started my army last winter and in the same time i participated with it at an army painting contest design for newbies in this hobby area.

Will be more a picture story as most of the text is in my native language and i do not think i`ll have the time to post such a long thread

my first ever painted miniature...yes is still horrible and i keep it that way to see my improvements and get some hope for myself

my first eldar painted

firsts tasks on the contest completed

the army grows

more painting less assembly

more in second posts so i will not break the forum :D
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This stuff is starting to look really good. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Your painting has come on in leaps and bounds huh?

I think you still need to think your paint a bit, but you are getting better so fast I think you are clearly getting good advice from somewhere...
1 - 1 of 135 Posts
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