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Geminthal Craftworld Project

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Eldar, High Elves, Space Wolves and a little of Lamenters

Hello Guys,

I started my army last winter and in the same time i participated with it at an army painting contest design for newbies in this hobby area.

Will be more a picture story as most of the text is in my native language and i do not think i`ll have the time to post such a long thread

my first ever painted miniature...yes is still horrible and i keep it that way to see my improvements and get some hope for myself

my first eldar painted

firsts tasks on the contest completed

the army grows

more painting less assembly

more in second posts so i will not break the forum :D
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A long time since i did not updated:

So i continued to build white lions and swordmastersfrom prince, dragon, chariot and battleforce. While i could make just 3 white lions, for my surprise i made no less than 10 conversions that can be played as swordmasters.

SO here we go:

Also i worked hard on the dragon princes/silver helms. I have 9 of them and a BSB and all of them have a little conversion of them. Made them in the dirty, scorched theme of my future army - no clean for you mr elf. Still work in progress for painting part:

Gamezone musician (that guy has a harpe in combat :) )

Banner bearer (with the banner from dragon set)

2 Random guys for colour palette and conversion style

Comments and critics welcomed. Sorry about picture quality as i still do not know how to make them.
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I quite like the feathers on the helms of (funnily enough) the Silver Helms. They're rather well done, as is the armour and the lances.

Also, that is one gigantic harp! Rather impractical, one would think.
I quite like the feathers on the helms of (funnily enough) the Silver Helms. They're rather well done, as is the armour and the lances.

Also, that is one gigantic harp! Rather impractical, one would think.
Better close combat weapon than a drum or a horn :).

The helmet with a single feather was funny enough one of distinctive things in my country army on a certain part of the history (around 1600 ). And as a side stoy i squizzed another swordmaster from the batallion set. Have 11 GW ones and a nice champion with sword from gamezone
And today i got into a painting mood and started an amazing gamezone miniature i will use as swordmasters champion:

PS bases will be done later (tm) :)
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I like the helms! Although your blending is not always the cleanest, your choice in colours is really excellent! Maybe I'm biased, being a red-and-blue guy myself, but the feathers and the overall colours really make the models shine. They aren't bright and pretty like most h/elves but rather regal and intimidating.
Finnaly after a while i managed to paint some 40k models

Serpent converted from a falcon with some forgeworld bits and a home made turret (heavy weapons sprue bits and a normal GW round base for metal models).

Comments and critics welcomed.
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That turret seems to fit in pretty well - nice job with that!

Nice use of the transfers, too. I've never got the hang of them. I suppose with my abysmal freehand skills I should learn how to use transfers, but maybe just working on my freehand is a better option.
My mech Eldar part status:

i have an extra serpent turret, 1 prism turret, 2 falcon turrets, and 1 prism extension for a falcon turret.

In may i organize the 5`th edition of my tournament with the guys from my hobby club.

So i want to finnaly have a fully painted and unique look army.

things to do till may:
- 2 serpent turrets to paint and finish modelling
- 1 serpent hull to put decals
- 3 serpents hulls to make the gems and vent ports to look the same with the other 3
- some hand painting
- 2 falcon turrets are not painted but not really necessary till may

Additionally have to paint some 1-2 warlocks, 5-10 avengers, depending of what i am going to field some spiders/banshees/scorpions(1-3 in each squad not finished), 1 walker to magnetize the weapons and paint it, 4 bikes to finish. And BASES for half of army.

Wish me luck!
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Good luck with the tourney and the painting! Hope it all goes well!
Good luck with the tourney and the painting! Hope it all goes well!

Now a bit of work last days near completion of the Eldar for Tournament:
15 white lions in 3 ranks WIP. As a matter of fact I have not bought any kit of white lions, all being made from conversions, 4 are GameZone models and 2 i bought from someone already converted and i just put some small additions

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beeing bored and without mood for serious painting (there is such thing?) i started to make a custom turret for eldar serpents (or have it an interceptor gun for planetstrike thingies)

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Fantastic work - I love the handy 'where these minis come from' guide on your pictures!

The turret is looking pretty sweet, too. Keep up the good work!
A little work on my elf horseriders

Comments and critics welcomed
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I love the banner - very nice colours on that, although perhaps the sun and the rays shining from it could do with a thin highlight to brighten it up a little more.

Still looks good as is, though!
noted..i did some more highlightning...i`ll try to get the pictures up when done
Elves Cavalry done (wondering if i should cut some parts to cover the holes on the sides of the base? what you guys think?)

And a lion chariot done (without the second crewman as i needed the bodies for my white lion unit so...

Critics welcomed...and comments too :)
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Great work here. Keep 'em coming.
The lion skin looks very well done! I'm not all that sold on the manes, though, they look a bit white to me (although given the white lion name I guess that's to be expected...)

I'm not sure what to do with the base. If it's not causing any problems at present you could just leave it for now, and come back to it when you want a little side project or something.
I agree the bases on many models are not finished....i have to get rid of black in first place :)
What a beautiful unit of elves on horses. :) Well done!
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