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some of you I may have mentioned I've been out of wargaming for two years. this is due to being homeless and losing my job...well not in that order.

I am now trying desperately to get back into wargaming and I'm begging for your generosity (and yeah some may find this rather rude or cheeky, especially as my 2nd post. if so I honestly apologize for this.)

basically I'm looking for almost anything. Bits, transfers, models or parts you don't want. Pretty much any system and any scale.
Space marine shoulder pads or guns or heads or chests or anything
Guard accessories and heads or guns or anything
Tau bits such as helmetless heads, suit weapons or anything
bases (even just MDF ones of any sizes)
wwii parts or figures, guns, barrels etc
Napoleonics figures.
anything at all please just tell me and if I need or want I'll say yes.

the catch is I have nothing to give but my gratitude and my thanks. I'm not asking for your entire collection or bits box. just some pieces I can start building up from again.

Please note I am from the UNITED KINGDOM.
if the mods think this inappropriate I will understand.
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