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Getting around

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Ummm this may be bit of an odd-ish question but anyway, how many people here get around via motorbike? Yes this must sound like a pointless question but there is a second part with more relevence, If you do, how do you carry your warhammer stuff?

Thats all
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I have seen people carry their stuff in large backpacks (the sort of ones you get from camping stores), they get their box and codexes/rulebooks in it as well.

Maybe try that as it is a simple and relatively inexpensive.
Well I don't actually ride a motorbike but I was just curious,although...:shifty:
When I read your reply dodge does the word 'pointless' come to mind?

Anyway, thats what I have seen people do and it is the most logical thing to do.
Yes outsider I said innitialy that it is relatively pointless and that it was just to cure curiosity.

When you read the thread Outsider di you find it in the 'Off-topic' forum?
dont some larger motorbikes have compartments? you could keep things in that...otherwise a backpack would be the only option

if you had a push bike you could have a basket like Elliot from ET- except then everyone would have an excuse to beat you up
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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