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Me and my mate are going the the conflict tourny in glasgow which is a doubles tournament. you each use a 500 point border patrol army.. Anyways i was wondering if anyone could give us some tips. i am using wood elves and my mate is using dwarfs :shifty: they can team up :yes: i was going to post some lists to show you wat i think:


noble, hail of doom, great weapon, light armour and talisman of protection

11 glade guard
5 glade guard
5 scouts
5 wardancers

mate (very rough sorry :| )

master engineer with handgun

10 thunderers
5 thunderers
5 thunderers
cannon and 2 runes on it (rune of reloading and rune of forging or fortune)

so, think this would work well? also can u give me tips about tournys like to watch out for cheaters etc :yes: this is our firat tourny and i wont mind critisism. thanks.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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