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Hello All,

So I was going through some of my old White Dwarf Mags and I noticed an article on an all Gnoblar Army. After reviewing it, I thought it looked like a "fun" army to play. Especially the magic items and the idea of numerous little greenskins fly'n around the board led by Honchos (Gnoblar Lord on Rhinox!).

Anyways, I'm writing this post to spark a discussion and see what others thought of the army. Especially likes and dislikes.

Including what I wrote above I like the following:
Magic Items!!!! (loads of theifstones!)
Gnoblar Lord on Rhinox
Manbiters (fun model to convert)
Piggyback Riders (love the rules!)
2 Honchos are a hero choice
Largely Insignificant rule (they be dying by the hundreds, but not panicking!)

Don't Like:
Blood Gnoblars
Lucky gits

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Well i havent looked at the gnoblar army list for quite some time now, but i guess you could say it would be funny playing 200+ str 2 models in a game of 2000pts.
In close combat even a skaven slave unit could beat you :cry:
It does have some advantage tought:

1-horde army
2-like you mention, no panic test
3-you are able to field giant,altought weaker then chaos/orcs version
4-good warmachine (scraplauncher)
5-very cheap lord/hero

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Well, let me tell you, I've been playing with a gnoblar warband (500 points), and it is fun, but really difficult. I usually have about 70-90 models even at 500 points, and that includes a scraplauncher. And usually, my games boil down to the performance of that scraplauncher. If it kills things, I win. If it doesn't I usually die in combat. But there are several things that I really enjoy about the gnoblars.

-The D6 rerolls you get every game.
-The necessity of having huge units that you use to wrap around in combat, hopefully overwhelming the enemy be combat result and killing them that way (cause your troops can't kill them normally)
-Pigback riders, which are great in theory, but I usually can't get them anywhere, because they get killed off by shooting because most people consider them the best unit, which they are!
-Manbiters, which are great. I mean, they are only 5 points to get strength three and a 4+ save in h-t-h. Plus, they have higher leadership than the normal trooper, a whopping six.
-The high amount of cheap characters, which are the only ones that can do anything, i mean ANYTHING, in h-t-h.

The real drawback is the incredibly low leadership. Once the gnoblars start running, they never stop. That, and if there are any knights, a charge is usually fatal unless the other person rolls bad. THe only way to combat those is by the rerolls and the scraplauncher.
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