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Hey Everyone.

I'm considering picking up Tyranids sometime soon since the I've heard there are a lot of fun and nasty units in the codex...although I've heard a lot suck as well. At any rate, I'm considering doing a trade.

Here's a decent tyranid army somebody posted on another forum

-Fex: poorly painted with an acid cannon/maw. Has scything talons also I do believe. Offer
-Gaunts/hormagaunts: a mix medly of poorly assembles/painted models. I think their are 12 hormagaunts and maybe 14 gaunts?
-Genestealers: poorly equiped/painted. Offer.
-Hive Tyrant: Missing tail and arms. Head is not attached. I could include his bone sword, lash whip, and two sything talons arms. Poorly painted.
-Brood lord: Poorly painted. Offer.

He wants Marines and so far I have these AOBR units

2x Dreadnaught
1x SM Captain.
*10 -20x Tactical squad Marines. ( I actually don't own these, but I think I have a friend who will trade or loan them to me, and I'll buy some off Ebay later to return them.

I also have some bits like Terminator Assault cannons and Lightning claws I got off Ebay.

The main reason I'm posting this is to find out how many Marines I should throw in to make this a good deal definitely worth getting...considering the poorly painted army that I'll have to repaint and some models seem to be broken and need reglued, not to mention missing parts.

-Do you think perhaps 10 would be enough to make him bite, or should I definetely obtain 20x Marines.
-Is there anything in this list not even worth getting (i.e. I heard Fexs aren't that good anymore cuz they're too expensive).
-Is this trade even worth doing? I haven't pics of the models yet, but I'm hoping if the trade is in my favor I can fix them and it will still be worth it.

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I don't think you will need to offer 20 marines. For what he's offering your giving him a good deal. Since you will have to do a lot of work on the nids after you get them, and with missing parts and ect.
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