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Hello everyone, I am looking to start playing O&G again for some friendly matches. However I don’t’ know what and how should I field. I have a liking for Black Orcs and Boar Riders (savage orcs mainly) but the majority think that they are not worth the points. Also I don’t know if I should go for a Magic Phase focused army or a mix of Combat and Magic.

What I really wish to field is a Lord on Wyvern. How is your point of view about this and what would be an optimal build for such a shaman / warboss ?

What I wish to play is an aesthetically nice army with a bit of power.

I would greatly appreciate some feedback.

Best Regards,

Niko Grimnar

i am da Wahhchief
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welcome back to greens :p

as you said black orcs and board boyz tend to be expensive, especially if you compare it with cavalry of other armies, these guys have some serious downsides, but at least one unit could really be worth its points. im a goblinfreak, have 0 exp with both and when i field them they tend to die out of misery, if not artillery

black orcs make great army generals, good leadership, make their units resistant to animosity and more reliable. their "Lots of choppas" is really usefull, it almost makes magic weapons a waste of points

its a good thing to have 2 shamans walking about, even if your not magic focused, just so that each can have a dispeldice and a dispel scroll. Theres alot of evil magic out there and as greenskin we dont want to go in without some proper magic defence.

if you go for a wyvern (i dont, but alot of tournament armies have one) both a shaman and an orc general can work well, but i would suggest a fighter.
Now you dont want a frenzy guy on a 20" movement beast, so dont go for savage orcs, black orcs might cost more but dont add anything in this situation, so go for normal orcs!
also the new azhag wyvern is pretty darn impressive!

The best magic items ona wyvern are
- Shaga's Screaming Sword, because your guy flies, he tends to be near enemy characters, somebody did some numbercrunching somewhere on librarium and found this the most cost efficient weapon, Ulags Akrit axe is a nice 2nd place
- Warboss Umm's Best Boss 'at, keep in mind the wyvern does NOT get the ward save
- Kicking Boots, extra attack and it works no matter what weapon you use with it
theres plenty of options for characters, i find them quite cheap so im allways short on hero slots

Other Hero options:
- black orc on boar and Ulag's Akrit Axe
If you plan on using an orc hero in an infantry unit, you can mount him on a boar for the extra armoursave, no downsides.
- night goblin on giant cave squig, with the onehit wunda and brimstone bauble
- night goblin shaman with staff of sneaky stealin, 100 points for a proper magic defence
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