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much, many humble greetings, greetings!
i am stitch the luckless one, roller of lots of 1's and the ever-hungry of chaos.
my burrow is in the chill lands below southern ontario, many, many fellow rat-things freeze as i speak as nasty cold rain and snow falls in endless tides...

well, as you can guess, my mind is currently swiming with ideas of skaven, though i'm working on easterlings for LotR for an up-coming tourny right now!
i also have in various stages from compleat to just starting;
- 2000pts imperial guard drop troops
- 1500pts slamanders
- 1000pts deathwing
- 1500pts worth of eldar
- starting orks soon

- 2000+ pts empire, amethyst wizard's personal household & cult of morr theme (un-painted)
- 2000pts skaven, currently being built
- waiting for the mighty druchii to get the new book treatment!
- waiting for a forgeworld warmamoth to start a tzeentch warband

- working on 750pts easterlings
- waiting for black numenoreans!

whew... yes, i know i have no life! it's that ruddy GW staff chip - always making me buy much, much many new toys!:0

stitch - the luckless wonder

The Landlord
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thats alot of minis :) Welcome to LO and hope you will like this place. Feel free to show of your minis in the showcase and let us know more about the tourney in your LO blog :)

Have fun!!

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