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I've been laying WH40k for a while now and have quite a sizeable force currently.
2 GM
1 GM w/ Psy
5 BC
5 BC w/ Inc
30 GKT
5 GKT w/ Psy
5 GKT w/ Inc
10 Justicars
11 Psycannon PAGK
8 Incinerator PAGK
14 IST (the old metal Stormtropper models)
4 Meltagun IST
4 Plasmagun IST
1 Inquisitor Lord w/ Psycannon (Inquisitor Torquemada Coteaz with the old Psycannon)
3 Acolytes (House Delaque models)
3 CC servitors (House Malcadon models)
3 Familiars (2 Servo-Skulls and a Cherub)
3 Warriors w/ Plasmaguns (Used Dark Angels Veterans withh the cloaks and hoods)
1 Mystic
1 Heirophant
1 Sage
3 Death-Cult Assassins
1 Each of the Officio Assassinorum Operatives
4 LR
1 LR Terminus
3 Dreadnaughts
2 Rhinos

(to finish my collection i want to get 54 more PAGK, 15 more GKT, and a few more GKT psycannons to mount on my GM and BC's and just a few more things to round out my Inq's Retinue.)

I know i cant take this all on one Force Org chart but my desire for my GK is to be able to take whatever I choose during a given game. if i want 5 squads of 10 termies, led either by a GM or BC, and taking all the psycannons i want, then i can. (dream big i always say)

But anyway, after showing you all my big Richard *insert synonym here* i have come to a screeching halt and realization with my army. Where do i go from here? What do i get next? Then it hit me, Legio Ordo Sinister, the arm of the Collegia Titanica that works with the Inquisition. and what better to back the purest of pure, but with the purest or pure "Big Gunz". I have plans for the warhound and reaver titans already, but also want to scratch build a Warlord and Emperor Titan. i have done the math and

Warhound [ (250mm) (10in) ] [ (15m) (45 ft) ]
Reaver [ (400 mm) (16in) ] [ (25m) (80ft) ]
Warlord [ (528mm) (21in) ] [ (33m) (100ft) ]
Emperor [ (888mm) (35in) ] [ (55.5m) (166 ft)]
(Figures are rounded using measurements. Approximately 16mm/m conversion)

The first set of numbers in brackets are the actual size the titan will be, and the second set are their fluffy size (Size the fluff says them to be.) One of my main inspirations is the Glorior Fides Here. I want to do 4 Warhounds, 3 Reavers, 2 Warlords, and finally 1 Emperor Titan. The Warhounds I wanted to do in the Inquisitorial Scab Red and Black, but for the Reavers on up, I really want to do them like Glorior.

I could really use any tips or tricks you guys have and i also want to name them. I know i want to name the Emperor (Deus Malleus Aeterna "The Eternal God Hammer") *don't know if thats the correct latin grammer* and one other titan the (Lux Aeterna "The Eternal Light"). But as for the 4 Warhounds, 3 Reavers, and 2 Warlord titans i ahve no ideas. I do want them to all be in latin, but other than that im looking for good suggestions Also have "Ignis Aeterna" The Eternal Flame, Maybe the two Eternals for the Warlord Patterns? Also, as a side, if it is already a known name of a titan, i only want to include it if it is part of the Legio Sinister, otherwise i would prefer original names.

Well, hows that for a first post?! im looking forward to hearing from all of you =D

The Ordo Malleus

P.S. how do you set up a Signature on this site anyhow?

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Names: Latin (rough English translation)

Aegis argentum (Silver defender)
Sanctus peregrinus (Holy crusader)
Nex addo (Death bringer)
Manus angelus (Angel's hand)
Nex angelus (Angel of death)
Furioso Imperialis (*Note - this is GW-style bastardized Latin* Imperial Fury)
Liber Imperialis (*Note - this is GW-style bastardized Latin* Imperial Freedom)

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P.S. how do you set up a Signature on this site anyhow?
1) Look to the top left of your screen, there is a blue bar going horizontally across your screen and the first thing on it should be User CP, click on it.

2) This will take you to a page with your user control panel on the left side of the screen, scroll down to the settings and options section. In there will be a link titled edit signature, click on it.

3) Edit your sig, note that there are size limits, I don't have them memorised but LO will tell you if what you put in is too big.

For your titan names I suggest you find suitable names in english (or whatever your native language may be) and use a translator to turn it into latin.

Here are a few I came up with:
Iron Saint --> Ferrus Sanctus
Death Bringer --> Nex Adoo
Free Online English to Latin Translators

Welcome to LO

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