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Part 1

Gillian strode forward, flanked by a Space Marine, Brother Orhan and a techpriest, Talamera. The three of them stopped slightly in front of a metal door. Gillian nodded at it and the Marine kicked the door down and strode in, the techpriest followed and the two of them took up positions either side of the door. The young Inquisitrix walked in with all the air and dignity her rank afforded her. She held up her Seal.

“I am Inquisitrix Gillian of the Ordo Hereticus. You are all to be brought in for questioning in relation for heresy and sheltering a known witch. Non-compliance will result in termination.”

In front of her was a room full of men. Most had a drink of some kind in front of them. The room was lavishly decorated in the most gaudy and decadent way possible, gold, purple and pink being the most prominent colours. All of the men were wearing slender knives at their hips, all bejewelled and gold plated. One of the men in the room stood up, looked at her and burst out laughing.

“The inquisition must be running low on men if they send a kid, eh?”

The entire room burst out laughing. Incensed, Gillian drew her bolt pistol , strode up to the stood man and slammed the muzzle into his open mouth, she then began walking him back to the wall.

“This is an Inquisition issue Astartes mark III bolt pistol, it fires an explosive .75 calibre round. If I pulled this trigger, your head will become a stain. Now if you and your cronies don’t come quietly, I’m going to slaughter the lot of you. Am I understood?”

On an impulse, she looked down to see that the man was snaking his knife out of it’s sheath. She pulled the trigger, then turned to look at the rest.

“Let me ask again…am…I…understood?”

As if to emphasise her point the body, now with a cauterised stump where the head should be, slumped to the floor leaving a crater in the wall at head height. As one, the men stood up and drew their knives. Gillian sighed, drew her laspistol and nodded to her two compatriots by the door.
When the storm of lead and light abated, the floor was littered with corpses. Talamera’s heavy stubber was glowing, Orhan’s bolter was smoking and Gillian’s weapons were hot to the touch. She holstered them and looked to her companions.

“Check the place, this lot were here guarding a certain individual, and I want her found.”

The marine and techpriest began tearing down the wall hangings. Behind one particularly gaudy was a walk-in safe. Gillian drew her power knife and sliced it open, standing aside as it fell apart on the floor. Within was a little girl in crimson robes, cowering and sobbing in a corner. Orhan pointed his bolter at her.

“No Orhan.”

Gillian had her hand over the muzzle of the bolter. She looked at the marine and shook her head, then she went and knelt beside the girl.


The girl, Nessa, looked at Gillian, stopped sobbing and hugged the Inquisitrix. Gillian picked her up.

“Nessa is part of the Crimson program, it selects powerful psyker children and teaches them the self control, Imperial creed and hatred for the machinations of Chaos. They are trained to ignore the whispers. And filled with failsafe devices should they ever be possessed.”

She looked at the girl in her arms, who was now asleep, weary after what she had been through.

“Nessa has been earmarked to begin training under me in a year’s time. The deception of those outside was necessary, as if they had discovered she was an Imperial, she might have been killed before we could get this open.”

She was silent for a moment.

“I was one of the first products of the Crimson, I began my intensive training at the age of ten under Inquisitrix Marion. I was ready to become an independent Inquisitor at fifteen. When I did, the Inquisitor in charge of Crimson asked me to choose a new recruit that I will tutor myself when their training at Crimson was done. Nessa caught my eye. I didn’t tell you two because you didn’t need to know. Now you do, so now you know. She was captured by some rebel PDF during a training exercise, and we were tasked with retrieval. Now we've got to take her back to the field base.”

She walked to the door.

“You two worthless scrap heaps coming?”

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Not bad! First post too, I see, so why don't I welcome you to LO while I'm at it?

Is the Crimson program your own concept? I've not heard of it before... Then again, there's a lot of 40K related things I'm not all that knowledgeable on.

But anyway, I liked it. :dance: Bring on part 2!
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