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This weekend i participated in some GT qualifiers. My only loss is presented here and also this was the best game i had since november Romanian GT.

So here we go



10x Dire Avengers Exarch Blade Storm in a Serpent with SHuriken Cannon and spirit stones
10x Dire Avengers Exarch power weapon Blade Storm defend in a Serpent with Shuriken Cannon and spirit stones
10 Storm guardians, 2 x flamers warlock destructor in a Serpent with Shuriken Cannon and spirit stones
5 fire dragons in a Serpent with Shuriken Cannon and spirit stones
8 scorpions exarch, infiltrate move trough cover powers, fist
6 spiders exarch with dual spinners and hit and run power
2 walkers with dual shuriken catapults
2 x fire prisms nekkid

Blake`s mighty list (he will win the tourney with this one, 4 massacres and 1 minor win against me)

1CCS with 4 flamers, astropath, master of the fleet in a chimera with multilaser and heavy flamer

5 x 10 vets with meltas in a chimera with multilaser and heavy flamer
2 x 9 battle psyker squad with sergent or something in a chimera with multilaser and heavy flamer
3 x vendetta
Leman russ
Leman russ executioner

Mission Warp flux. Small endge deployment, and in each turn we could redeploy an unit like a deep strike, but without any distance of scatter reducemet or reroll. If we roll a double the unit is destroyed.

Primary: 5 objective game
Secondary: have more units in enemy deployment zone than he in your`s
Tertiary: kill the most expensive unit of the enemy

And some modifiers.


A table with exact 5 pieces of terrain but with the huge fortress of redemption in the middle. I knew instant i had to use that for cover.


I kept the walkers and the scorpions in reserve outflanking. The prisms were back on the field screened by Eldrad/Avenger serpent and the dragons serpent. rest were from middle to left flank as much as i could in cover.

He responded with a long line of armor with the battle tank on left and the executioner on the right flank. He kept 1 vendetta in reserve outflanking and the other 2 on right flank. The battle psyker squads get each one one flank.

I roll for divination but i get a 2 damn... i get oly 1 serpent more on the left flank. The avengers will have to run trough the fire.


Get fast near the fortress on left flank and engage there. keep him half of the army with almost no targets.

Turn One

I fortune, i guide run foward. Prisms imobilize one vendeta and stun the left battle psyker squad.

He manage to destroy my right avenger serpent kill 3 avengers, get a ld-9 spell (killing 3 psykers due to eldrad runes) and making them run.

Turn 2

I position myself and get my big gamble. Disembark and run eldritch storm. i get 2 chimera on rear and the leman russ in front of the dragons in melta range. i blow the leman russ i stun a chimera i mobilize another, wreck some guns from the chimera`s.

he maneuver gets a serpent imobilized, disembark some guys and flame and shot with first rank fire second rank fire Eldrad avengers. I roll pretty good and with fortune i lose only 5 guys. i lose also 3 dragons. he makes my right flank avengers run again, now under 50% so i`ll don`t have the chance to regroup them anymore.

Turn 3

Eldrad charge, my scorpions enter the fray and charge 2 chimera`s (including the battle psyker one). Yriel and storm guardians flame CCS chimera and getting the CCS unit behind and then charge it and killing it. The CCS remain in 2 guys and teh captain.
I stun some more stuff.

On his right flank he is trying to round the fortress while his vendetas are shooting at my serpents. Another one is imobilized. He finish the dragons.

Turn 4
I kill the remaining battle psykers on left flank and another squad of vets. Eldrad manage to lose 2 wounds to perils of the warp damn bad rolls

He manage to imobilize a chimera on top of my right flank serpent wreck. i lose my guardian squad and yriel remain alone. i lose one prism and one get`s imobilized and lose it`s prism cannon. Things are getting grim.

Turn 5

I kill a vendetta . My walkers decide is time to actual appear (not rolling another 1 omg) exactly behind his only vet chimera left on right flank which was parked on an objective. Promptly blow the chimera and rest of the fire reduce the squad to 4 man. He pass the morale there. on left flank i kill the last guardsmen and last moving chimera and let some avengers on an objective. I try to use warp flux with the spiders but get a mishap. He place them in my deployment in the middle of nowhere

he flame those avengers and put another -6 ld test on them but i pass. He shot then all his remaining weapons on them wiping them out and kill Eldrad (only 1 wound but he had lost 2 more to perils :( )except the executioner guns. These guns with the remaining 2 meltas from the vets that jumped from the righ objective chimera kill the walkers there.

Turn 6

quick assesment. He has the executioner, 1 vendeta alive 1 imobilized, 1 chimera with 5 psykers inside and 4 vets takin an objective 2 more imobilized chimeras on the field. I had 5 scorpions, 2 spiders and yriel.

i gamble and warp flux the scorpions. i get lucky scatter ok. yriel finish a imobilized chimera and hide. Scorpions charge the vets and kill them. I get the draw on primary killing eachother all the troops.

he kill my scorpions and the game ended.

Great game, tactical and twisted.
And it was a blood bath.

We got a draw on primary and tertiary (the leman ruuss was his most expensive unit, eldrad or scorpions were mine) and he got the secondary so minor loss for me 8-13

I got second place he got the first .

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Good game. Congrats on the 2nd place win. The new IG are tough if done right. Your IG opponent has a pretty good list, though I think he should have put some scoring units in those vendettas even if just an infantry squad. Anyways Mechdar continue to do well. Was this 2000pts?

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yes 2000 points..and i forgot he lost a squad in first turn ona failer warp flux. He tried to teleport near my prisms to melta them and rolled a double 2. He really did not had to take vets in vendettas in this mission as 4 of 5 objectives were in the middle of the table. in second turn he was on top of 3 objectives with me near him
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