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My first post on the Battle Report board. Oh the excitement! Ok, finally got a Tuesday off and headed down to GW for a game. Against an old mate who was ‘supposed’ to be playing Orks but those sneaky Chaos Marines had fooled me and there I was expecting a hoard of Orks only to find a hoard of Chaos Marines instead. This Chaos Tomfoolery shall avail them not!!! (I hoped)

Really sorry but I’ve got no pics. The best I can do is this feeble attempt at Paint for the initial set up. Hope it explains it well enough. The Dark Grey Squares are ruins/buildings and the H is a Helipad. The rest is pretty much open terrain. I won the dice roll to set up, I chose to set up last and go second. The mission; Annihilation.

First off, his list. Loosely based on the cowardly Night Lords.

Chaos Lord, Lightning Claws, Melta Bombs, Jump Pack
7 Raptors, 2 Melta guns, Power Weapon.

6 Chaos Terminators, Reaper Autocannon, 2 Power fists.
3 Obliterators. (In reserve)

10 Chaos Marines, 2 Plasma Guns. Champ with Power Weapon
10 Chaos Marines, 2 Plasma Guns. Champ with Power Weapon

Havoc Squad 1 - 5 Marines, 4 M-Launchers
Havoc Squad 2 - 5 Marines, 4 H-Bolters.

My list. The heroic and Emperor blessed “Dune Howlers”

CCS, PW, Plasma Pistol, 2x Plasma Guns, Carapace, Chimera

Vet Squad 1, Carapace, 3 Flamers, Power Fist, Chimera
Vet Squad 2, Carapace, 3 Melta Guns, Chimera
Vet Squad 3, Carapace, Power Weapon, 2 G-Launchers, Autocannon, Chimera

2x Bane Wolves (Squadron)
3x Armoured Sentinels with Multilaser (squadron)
3x Armoured Sentinels with Multilaser (squadron)

2x Hydra.

Chaos Turn 1:
Movement, Raptors fly and then Run into the Ruin 3. Chaos Marine unit 1 moves and runs into Ruin 2 and the Terminator unit moves forward in the open. The Chaos Marines on the Right Flank leg it behind the helipad.
Shooting, The Havocs and Termies open up on the Armoured Sentinels stunning one poor little fella.

Guard Turn 1:
Movement, The bane Wolves Zoom over to Ruin 3 and get ready to Roast those sneaky Raptors and Chaos Lord. Both Sentinel Squadrons move in front of all the tanks to provide a cover save for the tanks behind. Everything else pretty much stays as is.
Shooting, The Bane Wolves unleash Death on the raptors and kill all bar 1 of their number and wound the Lord. Everything opens up on those Missile Launcher wielding Havocs in Ruin 4 but due to some poor dice on my part and some lucky saves on his none die. 1 single Terminator dies to Plasma from the CCS.

Chaos turn 2:
Movement, Much to my relief the Obliterators don’t show up. Slightly upset by the loss of his Raptor squad he moves the last member (with a Meltagun) behind the Bane Wolves. The Lord splits off and goes to Melta bomb a Chimera. The Marines in ruin 2 move behind Ruin 3 in rapid fire range of the Sentinels. The Terminators move ominously forward and the Chaos Marines squad 2 moves under the helipad in rapid fire range of the CCS Chimera.
Shooting, The Raptor blows the ChemCannon off one Bane Wolf. The Havos and Termies once again open up on the Sentinels and kill one. The Marine squad 2 open up on the CCS Chimera and blow the tracks off.
Assault, The Lord Misses with his Melta bomb and the raptor charges but fails to hurt the Bane Wolves.

Guard turn 2:
Movement. The damaged squadron of Sentinels move in range to assault the Chaos Lord. Vet Squad 1 move up to flame the last Raptor. The Bane Wolves move up to once again unleash Death on the Chaos Marines sheltering behind Ruin 3. The Sentinels on the Right move in range to Assault the Chaos Marines under the helipad.
Shooting, The Raptor finally dies to Vet Squads 1 and 2 and their chimeras. The CCS and the other 2 Chimeras open up on the Terminators reducing them to 4 models. The Bane Wolves kill 7 Marines out of 10 but they don’t care. The Hydras kill 2 Missile Launcher Havoc Marines.
Assault. The Sentinels charge in but one dies to a Melta bomb. In retaliation the last Sentinel does a wound on the Lord. The 3 Sentinels charge the Marines under the helipad, One dies to Krak grenades and no wounds are done on my part. Rubbish.

Chaos turn 3
Movement. The Obliterators still don’t turn up. The remnants of the chaos Marines move through Ruin 3 and hide in the dark. The Termies move forward to assault the Bane wolves.
Shooting, The Termies and Havocs open up on the Bane Wolves, killing one and ripping the Chem Cannon off the other.
Assault, Nothing much. The Termies immobilise the last Bane wolf.

Guard Turn 3:
Movement, Everything pretty much moves in to kill off those 4 Terminators assaulting the Bane Wolf. I forget to move Vet squad 1.
Shooting. All bar one of the Termies Dies. The Havocs in Ruin 4 are finally brought down. I completely forget about the 3 chaos Marines in the Ruins.
Assault. Nill, Nudda, Nothing, Zilch.

Chaos Turn 4.
Movement, The Obliterators finally show up! The land on top of the helipad dead on target and are pretty much within Melta range of Everything. The 3 chaos Marines move to the edge of the ruin to rapid fire Vet Squad 1s chimera.
Shooting, A hydra is turned into Slag by the Oblits. The Lone Terminator shoots at Vet Squad 2’s Chimera but fails to do anything.
Assault. The Terminator stuns Vet2s Chimera.

Guard Turn 4
Moving. The Melta Vets Get out to Melta gun the Obliterators. Vet Squad 1 moves forward to burn those pesky Chaos Marines.
Shooting, The CCS orders FRFSRF on the Melta vets and they do 3 wounds just from lasguns. The Melta guns finish off the wounded Obliterator. The CCS finishes off the Last one with Plasma fire. The Flamer Vets kill one Marine but do nothing else. That pesky Terminator survives.
Assault, After 10 thousand years of misery, bloodshed and conquest in the name of chaos, the Chaos Lord is finally brought low by the foot of a lone Sentinel.

Chaos turn 5,
Movement, with not much left it’s not looking good. The Lone Terminator moves forward to assault the Melta Vets and the 2 Plasma Gunners in Ruin 3 leap forward to Blast the side armour of squad 1s Chimera.
Shooting, The plasma guns roll 4 ones to hit and both explode leaving a large molten crater by the side of the Chimera. ((and there was much rejoicing))
Assault, One Sentinel is brought down by the marines under the Helipad and the Terminator charges, kills 2 and breaks the Melta Vets who run almost off the board.

Guard turn 5.

Movement, The Melta Vets rally. The CCS gets out and heads towards the Combat with the Sentinel and Marines. Everything else looks at that lone terminator.
Shooting, finally that Terminator dies.
Assault, One Veteran in the CCS dies but the commander kills 3 (yes 3!!) Marines with his trusty power sword. The Marines hold (just)

The game goes to turn 6 but with only a mauled Marine Squad in combat and doing nothing and the Heavy Bolter Havoc squad (who haven’t been able to see or hurt anything all game) my opponent gives up.

Final Kill Points;
Chaos 1
Guard 6
Glory to him on Earth!!!

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Great battle report good sir! Sadly as soon as I read the lists I knew it was over but made for a good read anyways.

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Yeah, to be fair to him his list wasn't brilliant and it hasn't changed since last i played it in 4th ED. I think just a couple of Rhino's for his CMS and Deep striking his Termies with some combi-Meltas along side his Obliterators would have been alot harder to handle.

If his Oblits had arrived a turn or two earlier I think it would have been different as i couldn't really take down all that 2+ Armour. Unluckily for him it all came down peice meal so i could just jump on one squad at a time.

My next game is up against 1500pts of Mech Death Guard...... Which has been finely tuned on the interweb so we'll see how my fluffy little list handles that. ((Not very well in the last few games :( ))

This is the, slightly horrid, list i'll be playing against.

Daemon Prince, Nurgle, Wings, Nurlges Rot
Daemon Prince, Nurgle, Wings, Warp time

7 Plague Marines + Fist, 2 Melta guns. Rhino with Combi Melta
7 Plague Marines + Fist, 2 Melta guns. Rhino with Combi Plasma
7 Plague Marines + Fist, 2 Flamers, Rhino with Combi Melta

3 Obliterators

Defiler with 2 Additional CCW.

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That list isn't as good as it could be, but should be a good game.
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