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when i first got my black reach set, i started painting my custom color scheme ( green, orange, and some silver) without careful planning.i have since then thought of some good fluff.

before the heresy, the alpha legion set up a garrison/ base/armor factory that housed thousands of terminator armoours. during the heresy, the planet (autumn) was bombed.noone survived.a couple thousand years after the heresy, the salamanders were relic hunting and found the planet autumn. autumn was constantly a war zone because there were many species that were fighting to get the precious pre-heresy artifacts. when the salamanders came, they cleared the planet out, and found that it was rich in ore and minerals. the housed a gerrison there and kept the planet safe . by the time of the 12th founding, the garrisoned troops were allowed by the adeptus terra to become a new chapter. the newly renamed guardians of autumn,found the factory, aand turned it into their monestary.

they normally live underground, but they go to autumn poisoned, ruinous surface to defend their planet (hence the name.) they use no vehicles because they are a cityfighting army. the normally use sniper scouts, devvies, and terminators.

please give feedback, and creative criticizm
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