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Hi all! This is an oldie but a goodie and has been posted on several other sites previously - in fact I only just remembered my LO account, T.B.H. - a 1000 pts WHFB mini-Tournament heldin GW last August in which I took both 3rd Place AND Best Painted Army!

My army is as follows, the same 1000 pts force featured in my Chaos massacre battle report.

My army list was as follows.

Player: Robert Tedders
Race: The Empire (Men)
Army: The Waldenhof Garrison
Points: 995 pts

Wizard Bart Von Lenk, with h’ weapon, Lv. 2, and 2 Dispel scrolls. 150 pts

Character(s) total: 150 pts

10 Handgunners, with h’ weapons, handguns and marksman with Hochland rifle. 105 pts

25 Spearmen, with h’ weapons, spears, l’ armour, shields and full command. 170 pts
Detachment: 10 Swordsmen, with h’ weapons, l’ armour and shields. 60 pts
Detachment: 10 Crossbowmen, with h’ weapons and crossbows. 80 pts

25 Swordsmen, with h’ weapons, l’ armour, shields and full command. 175 pts
Detachment: 10 Halberdiers, with h’ weapons, l’ armour and halberds. 50 pts

10 Huntsmen, with h’ weapons, bows and marksman. 105 pts

Core total: 745 pts

1 Gt. Cannon, and 3 crew with h’ weapons. 100 pts

Special total: 100 pts

Game 1 - vs. Ogres
A terrible start to my first official torunament, poor deployment and a bad understanding of the enemy army(12" charges! :( ) combined to give Andy(the staff guy I was playing) a massacre win! Not a good start! :(

Game 2 - vs. Orcs & Goblins
His army:
* Boar boyz
* Savage Orcs(including command)
* A Black Orc Big Boss(on boar)
* A Night Gobbo shaman
* 20 Night Gobbos(including command)
* 12 Arrer Boyz

A much better result here. A good deployment(my Handgunners held a jungly table quarter by themselves!) and a good strategy(basically, get into combat, use detachments as flankers) paid off handsomely! In the end, I beat the Boar boys and they fled off the table, and with my Huntsmen running rings around the Night Goblins, my opponent was trapped in his table half for the whole game! :) I also broke his Boar boyz AND his Savage Orcs all inside two turns - with the SAME UNIT!! As victory was only on table quarters(no VP's) I picked up a standard win and 20 generalship points!

Game 3 - vs. Chaos Demons
I cannot recall much about this game, suffice it to say that this was a creditable draw and I was awarded 10 generalship points!

Game 4 - vs. Dwarves
His army:
* Runesmith
* Thane with Battle Standard
* Warriors
* Thunderers
* 2 x 10 Quarrllers
* Organ gun
* Bolt Thrower

I was forced to advance both by my opponent's small deployment zone, and his units being the furthest away the could be from my units and still on the table. Over the next few turns, the Empire's troops were shot to pieces and cut to ribbons. Only the game ending after 1hr denied my opponent victory - result - DRAW!

I primairly entered this tournament to play several games of Warhammer that Saturday - which I succeeded at! I also felt the fury of the Orgres and the Dwarves at small games, and as for the Dawi, I will just say - find cover! They are absouletely lethal! :) I really enjoyed running rings around the Orcs & Goblins and was please to take home Best Painted army! Overall, a thouroughly enjoyable day! :)

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how can you possibly forget the best warhammer site =\

ah well.. better late than never.. although 5 months... hmmm

i want to see pictures aswell now :p

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Pictures of your army are in order since they won you the "Best Painted" title.
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