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Hi all, I would like to sell for following things. For 500USD + shipping, everything listed are yours! But I am willing to sell them seperately

Vlad Von Carstein
OOp Isabella (old version)
2x Konrad
Mannfred the young
Chaos sorcerer with bone armor
Mounted WightKing Battle standard Bearer
3xBlood dragon vampires ( Walach)
1xblood dragon ( OOP with beard)
1x Strigoi Vampire
6x Necromancers ( parts are missing as the picture shown)
Old Krell

40 dire wolves( 20 NIB, 20 assembled)
146 ghouls (87 assembled and plastic ghouls, 40 unassembled plastic ghouls ,12 third edition ghoul, 7 5th edition ghouls)
49 assembled skeleton warriors
2 assembled corpse carts
50 assembled zombie

11Black knights
5 spirit hosts
34 Fell Bats
48~50 grave guards( 19 with Great weapon, the rest are the metal grave guards, the bits behind the unit can make around 5 ~8 graves guards)

2 Varghulfs
2 banshee
10 blood knights

I prefer money but I can trade this with SM/SW terminators and drop pods.
Contact me through this email: [email protected]

please let me know if u have any question
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