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I was painting some guardsmen today, and I got to a dilemma. In my cadian army, usually everybody has helmets, so I don't have to paint too many heads... But one of my sgt's has a helmetless head. I was going to paint some hair on him, but it keeps coming out oddly.

So my question for you guys is this, how do you paint hair? And how exactly do you paint certain hair colors? I keep trying, but it looks like my sgt's have random splotches of brown on their head instead of hair. Thanks.
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Well, for blond I do white followed by a couple of yellow coats, then a fresh white on the hair that is going to be highlighted and then yellow on that again.
Black hair is... well... black with some matt varnish. Probalty would add some fortress grey on certain parts to get some aged look.
Brown I do by painting scorched brown followed by highlights of bestial brown and snakebite leather (or other brown or mixes, depends on my final result).

Now that I think about it, I know which head you meen and he have this shaved military look that is hard to highlight. You could drybrush it with the lighter color in stead.
This is a rather ambigious question; what colours are you thinking of? As a dwarf player I can do beards to a decent degree, these range from; various browns, greys to black, white and a fiery red/orange. Up until recently I was drybrushing them with progressive highlights, but now I use washes and layering to acheieve a look that, in my opinion, is vastly improved.

Simple way for brown - bestial brown, brown ink, beastil highlights.
Grey - Codex grey with fortress highlights
Black - Chaos Black, codex highlights
Blond - Bleached bone, flesh wash, bleached bone and skull white mix for highlights

King Ulrik Flamebeard said:
Blond - Bleached bone, flesh wash, bleached bone and skull white mix for highlights
Doesn't that get very, very blond? Like more whiteish then yellow-blond?
when it comes to hair, i have the modt experience with blonde(im high elves) so, what i do is start with a base of brown. then take a lighter brown, and highlight it. then, mix the brown with yellow, highlight, then a little less brown, highlight, and you just keep going until you want to put yellow on, highlight the yellow, then mix yellow with white and highlight it. then finally, put a VERY light white highlight. and you will have some good looking blonde hair. warning though, this process is very time consuming, so i wouldnt use it on rank and file, unless you have lots of time. i recommend its use on characters.
ok, thanks guys. The guardsmen in question I was going to paint with brown hair, and I just put down a lot of different coats of brown, and then for the top I mixed brown and black paint, then dabbed that over it. It looks fairly decent. I may try blonde hair on my other sgt's though, I'll let you know how it turns out.
For brown hair, I would start with a base of scorched brown, then pick out highlights with bestial brown, with final highlights of vermin brown. A nice thinned brown ink wash should blend things nicely.

Oh, and as a side note, there was an article on painting heads and hair in a recent White Dwarf ( US #309 I think, or something around that)
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