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In the last day of the passing year we’d like to wish you all great time (as time will be needed to be able to play with your gaming mates), inspiration (to paint your own models) and passion for your (and our as well!) great hobby, which is Wargaming! Let the new year “play” in a right manner, so you’ll all be able to tell in the end, that it ended with a “victorious” outcome!
Your support was amazing in 2015 - there was so much awesome projects and so many inspiring pieces that were a pleasure to paint. A company cannot ask for a better community then you guys. It was quite a ride!
We hope you had amazing year as well and that 2016 will be even better!
Please take a look at top 5 most liked miniatures done in 2015 and visit our gallery. There are tons more models there, and it’ll be great if you’ll let us know which ones you like by “liking” them there;)

1) Warlord Titan

2) Space Wolves banner bearer

3) Roboute Guilliman

4) Thanatar

5) Lord of Change

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