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heavy guns

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Im thinking about using a Vindicator or Whirlwind in my army (need some fire support beacuse I play mostly against IG and Tau (and a Dark Eldar)). I read the whirlwind tactica (like it very much). So now I need some advice about Vindicator. What do you think?
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Well what about the Vindicator?
It's a big, nasty tank sporting the most destructive (although short-ranged) Ordnance Weapon in the whole game. With its massive strength and low AP, this means that the Demolisher Cannon can kill just about anything with the ease of stomping on an ant. For example, if you can put a pie-plate over some Necron Immortals, then their name will rapidly become some ironic joke...
Vindicators have much better armour than the Whirlwind, which is obviously a necessity since the Vindi has to get close and personal to cause some serious damage...while the Whirlwind can hide behind a hill and dump ordnance with utter impunity.
The hitch is that both you and your opps know the destructive capability of the Vindicator. So it's gonna end up as 1st target for the enemy's lascannons, missiles, railguns, Brightlances, etc. So it's gonna blow up real quick...
Taking into account the awesome firepower that's gonna be headed for the Vindicator, there are two ways of utilizing it.
1.Equip it with the upgrades necessary to make it more survivable, and pray that it can squeeze off a extra few shots, which will totally ruin your opp's day. Recommended is the Power of the Machine Spirit, which allows it to move the tank and fire its massive gun even if shaken or stunned.
2.Take a bare Vindicator and use it as a fire magnet. Before the Vindicator blows up, it should have drawn at least 1 turn of heavy enemy fire onto it, which will ease the pressure on your other troops (after all, one can only have so many guns). This is a particularly valuable tactic for assaulty armies, whose fast-moving assault squads and bike squads or Rhino transports can use the valuable turn or 2 bought by the Vindicator to close with the enemy and get into combat with relatively few losses.

Hope I helped! Chickenpowder
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looking at your opponents armies I would recommend the whirlwind because it's safe for enemy fire whilst the vindicator need to have a LOS. The whirlwind can earn it's points back more easily and more. While the whirlwind has AP4 it will neglate almost everyones save.
THX guys, Youre right Chickenpowder, while a Vidni is an awsome machine of destruction it will become no. 1 target in my army. And lets face it, when you loose a 120 pt tank in 1st or 2nd turn you have to get those points back somehow (dont forget Im talking about Tau and IG). I was thinking of using 2 whirlwinds and 1 Predator Annihilator, and mabye later replacing Predator with a Devastator squad (I said mabye:) )
Dicegod is on the money, based on what you normally play against the Whirlwind is the way to go. Just make sure to stick it behind a very big pile of cover as all three of those opponents are known for long range anti armor units.
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