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Designed to take on an army prepared to face my crusader. Vindicare is to take out tankhunter troop models, while Dreads take out vehicle threats as my Crusader charges and spews out cleansing death.

GM w/ icon and incense

10 GK w/ 2 incin

Inq w/ incin

All above starts in Crusader
Crusader w/ smoke

8 GK w/ 2 psycan and auspexs

Inq w/ psycan


2 Dreads w/ TWLLC and ML

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If the army you're fighting is designed to take out the crusader, that means that they have tons of lascannons. One of the worst things you can do is only take a few vehicles. The options are to either take no vehicles, to render the weapons relatively useless, or tons of small vehicles, like rhinos and Chimeras, to shield the more important ones, like the Crusader.
Right now, you have 3 vehicles, all of which you should care very much about in the field.

I'm not sure if the Vindicare is going to work out, it never has for me. Just be carefull using him, especially if they deploy fast vehicles like land speeder that can get around your main forces and hit him from behind.

I'm also not quite sure that I understand the reason behind the 2 Inquisitors. If you take one to get the assassin, then make him good at something. For the other, the special weapon makes him expensive while not being very effective at any one role.

Also, I'm not sure about this, but I think that you can only have 1 IC join a unit at any 1 time.
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