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My friend & I are about to launch into a map campaign, based around fighting for an area called Heigan. This should hopefully be a fast paced and furious campaign, lasting around 2 weeks.

The general jist of the campaign rules is that each side has 4x 1,000 points strong forces. These forces can gain experience and casualties are continued into the next battle. Taking heavy losses will lose you experience, while surviving battles, winning and holding objectives will gain you experience. Your forces can reinforce themselves at a certain location, but this will lose you the experience for taking heavy losses (i.e. if you take 50% casualties you won't actually lose 2 experience until they "refit", as the new guys come in). The object of the game is to control as much territory as possible, with certain areas being worth more points. Full rules available here.

The way I'll report this is with an "In Character" situation report after each day we play, which will be in italics, and an "Out Of Character" blog-like review of the day itself. I am lucky enough to live in Nottingham and therefore will be playing at Warhammer World, with it's amazing gaming hall:

My army will use the 4 units as 4 "Platoons".
A, or Alpha, will be my Headquarters Platoon, this will have the Wolf Lord, and be a mechanised unit with probably 3 squads, 2 with transport, and possibly some long fangs.

B, or Bravo, will be a reconnaissance platoon, led by a Wolf Guard Battle Leader it will have bikes, scouts and a land speeder as well as 3 dismounted squads for support.

C, or Charlie, will be a mechanised platoon, similar to Alpha but led by a Wolf Guard battle leader and with a razor back or predator.

D, or Delta, will be a support platoon, with 3 squads, long fangs and a predator.

I haven't written army lists yet, but will post them Wednesday, when the campaign starts. My plan is that A, C and D will hold or take ground, while B uses hit and run tactics (the campaign includes rules for withdrawing from the battlefield) to weaken enemy formations before they come into contact with the line platoons, while still being able to hold its own in an outright firefight.

I don't know what my opponent will be fielding, apart from that it's Chaos Space Marines and he favours Tzeench.

Here is the starting map:

As an aside, we will be using some fairly old rules, as we haven't been able to catch up.

The small yellow thing in the bottom left is a Tau outpost, which is held by a 500pts Garrison.

Expect the first installment by Thursday!

For now though, here's a little report from Wolf Lord Morkai:

Heigan Campaign
Report #1
Wolf Lord Erik Morkai

Having arrived at the Space Port I have set up my headquarters here. We were close to the enemy's Front Line and I expect to have to fight in order to defend the headquarters. B Platoon has been deployed to the West, preparing to harry enemy forces before we close with one another. C and D Platoons have been sent to defend Tungsen Major, concentrated on the West side. C Platoon is prepared to advance in order to meet any advancing enemy elements, while D Platoon secures Tungsen Major to the East. Once we have met the enemy and began to run them back into their landing zone, I will move my headquarters into a forward position and take the fight to the enemy, however, currently the space port is too vulnerable to be left undefended. I am aware that if I spread my forces too thinly, the enemy may be able to manoeuvre around me and take the space port, thus cutting me off from my supply lines.

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As one and a half turns have been played I shall make an update.


Bravo platoon in Zone 8 came under attack by an enemy formation and forced to withdraw. Wolf Guard Battle Leader Ragnar was killed along with 22 men. Bravo Platoon withdrew into zone 6. Charlie Platoon counter attacked forcing the enemy to withdraw to the North West, although it took heavy casualties. The enemy then attacked again into Zone 8 and, despite inflicting some casualties, Charlie had to withdraw. Wolfguard Battle Leader Lightningwolf was killed, but in his death snatched victory from defeat.

Charlie Platoon is now at 16% strength while Bravo Platoon is at 36% strength.

Our headquarters at the Spaceport came under heavy attack, with Alpha 2 (Grey Hunters), Alpha 3 (Grey Hunters) and Alpha 5 (Bikers) being destroyed. There is now only Myself, Alpha 1 (Bloodclaws) and Alpha 4 (Scouts) remaining with 2x Rhino transports. Delta platoon has remained in reserve but is now attacking into Zone 8 (dubbed "The Killing Zone").

Onto Out of Character blog thing!

Days at Warhammer World in Nottingham are always good. After the long walk there we arrived at Bugman's at roughly 1 o'clock. We finished off our Army lists over some Coca Cola and then headed into the glory that is the WW Gaming Hall. After finding ourselves a table we rolled to see who would go first in the campaign, and my friend won. He wasted no time in assaulting 8 and pushing forces out to the North, while holding to the South.

In the first battle, my force, worried of taking casualties, withdrew after the Wolf Guard battle leader was killed fighting over a central objective along with an entire squad and all of the vehicles. At the time it felt as though my Bravo Platoon had taken heavy casualties, although the exploits fo Charlie Platoon were to eclipse this small skirmish.

The second battle was one of the more interesting. Holding an objective in my deployment zone, I made several unsuccessful attempts to reach the enemy objective with my infantry. A unit of Grey Hunters was destroyed fighting enemy Khorne Beserkers, while a squad of Blood Claws moving up in support was almost destroyed mopping up the beserkers and some havocs in the centre. My bikers, including the battle leader, stormed along the right flank destroying some enemy banks and then charging towards the enemy objective. The scouts arrived behind an enemy predator (that had destroyed a flanking land speeder) and destroyed it with crack grenades before being mowed down in turn by an obliterator. The Bikers managed to tease the enemy troops off of their objective and hold them up long enough for me to win the game - but all were killed in the attempt.

In the third battle, the remnants of Charlie Platoon tried to hold a bridge against an entirely fresh enemy force. Despite inflicting light casualties, only 4 grey hunters, 2 blood claws and a rhino survived.

After this we had a quick break, headed back into bugmans, drank some cokes and discussed the campaign. Already it had become clear to us how much better it was to play a campaign than one off games. Stories had already begun to arise - Bravo Platoon's Lone Wolf holding off the CHaos tide long enough for the rest of the force to escape, a Rhino that took no less than 3 lascannon hits without taking damage and a havoc squad that cut down everything in its line of sight, Zone 8 had been dubbed "The Killing Zone" and the predicament of having my supply centre on the front line was becoming apparent. Also, the next battle was to highlight exactly how tense the surrounding scenario can make things, and how it can even affect what you do in the game.

For the final battle of the day, a Fresh Chaos force was assaulting the Space Port. Erik Morkai's headquarters rushed to defend two objectives that the Chaos scum (who could mostly infiltrate) assaulted. This battle had a lot riding on it - if the enemy had taken the space port then I would have struggled to hold onto my areas (being unable to refit).

The objectives were a bunker & a building. I had another building in my area, so all three were occupied. Enemy cultists infiltrated close to the bunker while 2 chaos squads were closer to the non-objective building. The cultists moved through some trees before an enemy predator destroyed the bunker in a single shot - the bunker exploding and killing 2 cultists and 2 Grey Hunters. The remaining Grey Hunters & some bikers attacked the cultists, killing all of them and the Chaos Lord. The Grey Hunters returned to the now ruined bunker as a chaos squad crashed into them, the other occupying a different bunker and firing at a second grey hunter squad.

The grey hunters on the objective, along with some bikers, held their own until some chaos terminators arrived to finish things off. The non-objective building was then destroyed, the Grey Hunters occupying it charging out of the ruins to butcher some bikers, before turning to move towards the objective now controlled by chaos. However, the terminators headed them off an, taking fire from the bunker the grey hunters were destroyed. Left with 2 rhinos and a blood claw squad, it was a miracle when my Scouts finally arrived on Turn 5. Mounting them into a Rhino they crashed into the objective, contesting it and holding their own. The rhino took 2 lascannon shots, an autocannon shot and a plasmagun shot to allow the Scouts to fire a meltagun at point blank to rip a lascannon off the predator. With the second objective contested and my blood claws holding another, I just about won the game.

With that it was almost 9pm, so we packed up and got a taxi home. It was a good day of nerding to be able to play on the masterful boards created at Warhammer World.
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