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Hellheart or dispell scroll?

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Well the title says it all :) Would you guys go whit the hellheart or 2 dispell scroll on a butcher.I do have another butcher whit the bloodcleaver and bangstick.Those the hellhart really stop a magic phase or not so much and when do you guys use it? first turn ? etc...

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you know im wondering the same thing.. I hope someone who knows replys.
hellheart not worth it at all. I played it in three games against magic heavy armies, 2 scrolls much more reliable and effective. if playing a multigame then it cam be worth it, but one on one, not even close to worth it.
I would give a hellheart to a slaughter master because of is magical allowance, but butchers are better off with a scroll and a stick.
I think that hellheart is too unreliable, 2 dispel scrolls will probably work better.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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