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hello from south wales

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i have been looking into tabletop gaming for a while now, and am currently leaning towards space marines. dont know what i need to buy yet to start or where to get it from but i have read a lot of info on other websites and i will be asking lots of noob questions

glad to be on board

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Where abouts in South Wales do you live?I asume your in the Uk with a nickname in Welsh.
i am in port talbot i live up in the valleys ,
does anyone know of any clubs or shops in south wales i can visit for inspiration

Hi and welcome to LO one of our mods should be around shortly to introduce themselves and point you in the direction of the rules. Not too sure about any shops in south wales although i'm sure one of our other members can help you with that.
The best shop in south awles is in Newport, Gwent. The staff are really nice and will be gladd to help you,which Im sure is true in the majority of stores.There is also a Gw in Cardiff at the top of Queens street by the castle.There is also a store in Cribbs Causeway in Bristol but its pretty small.The Newport store also has an extensive battle bunker, and plenty of well attended 16+ begginners nights, I think on thursday between 4 and 10pm.

Hope this helps, see you around the boards,

thanks for your help tygra i am going to try and head up to cardiff in the next few weeks for a browse
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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