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Hi all

I'm Sol Invictus, which is of course the latin for "The Invincible Sun" I got my inspiration for that name from WH40k, in which the Sol system is pretty much invincible and inpregnable at this point.

Anyways, i'm a Canadian, 15 years old, from Saskatchewan. I'll admit that i'm not into the actual tabletop portion of Warhammer, I was first introduced to the setting by the Gaunt's Ghosts books. I like the fluff and the game's backstory and all that cool stuff, i'm just not all into the tabletop wargaming. I also REALLY like Dawn of War, VERY good game and provides all the joy of painting your own custom army (albeit the selection of only seven races) and sending them against other custom armies, but relatively cheaper and easier than buying and meticulously colouring all those models. I'm also kinda into the forum-based strategy RPFing thing. I've run several strategy RPGs on forums over the years and I think I might start a sci-fi one here.

Anyways, this is me Librarium, I hope you like me. And if you don't, suck rocks.
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