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Hello, just joined this forum but have been playing Fantasy for a good few years. Started with Lizardmen, the edition before the current, moved to hordes of chaos when it was released and then made the jump into 40k. Expanded from there into BFG, Necromunda, Mordheim and blood bowl.

Armies Played (Currently):
-Hordes Of Chaos
-Skaven WHFB and Mordhiem
-Chaos in BFG
-Orcs in BB

more on the way i feel.

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A good spread of armies and systems there, nice! :)

Please take a minuite to have a quick read through the forum rules if you arent already familiar, blue bar just up a bit ^^

Hope you enjoy your stay here, see you in the forums (HoC and Cron mastly for me)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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