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Found this forum by accident and decided to register ! Play warhammer and have about 7 armies . Live in the Sunderland area in the UK any one in the area fancy a game please PM me since i have my own games table ! So a happy new year to one and all !!!!

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Hey Davros, welcome to the forum!

Found by accident and decided to join? Maybe it's a good thing your staying at a computer while doing that. :silly:

Take a look through of the Rules. We take them as seriously as any table-top gamer does around here.

Which armies do you have by the way? 7 is a rather impressive number.

Mostly though, enjoy your stay!

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Welcome aboard. Shouldn't a person with the handle of Davros really be playing 40k though. Trying to build the daleks into the uber force of the universe.

Anyway, enjoy your time here. Lots of quality people to interact with.

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