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Hi I,m starting out with tyranids and I need help on making and extremely fast, close combat, hormagaunt based list. sugestions please
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In this type of list these are the units that I would recommend for each category.

Flying Tyrant
2x scything talons, warp field, toxin sacs, adrenal glands (WS or I)
--Provide fast moving assault unit and synapse for your gaunts

Warrior Squads
Scything talons, rending claws, toxin sacs, adrenal glands (I), extended carapace, leaping
--Hard hitting rending unit that moves rather quickly and provide syanape support.

--These would be the core of your army, as you indicated. Use multiple squads of around 16 each.

You could also throw in a squad or two of gene stealers if you some more rending claws. They can move rather quickly as well, with the fleet of foot rule.

Fast Attack
Scything talons, rending claws
--This is another hard hit rending unit. They have a low armor and tend to fall to enemy fire but move as quickly as hormogaunts, so use their speed to keep them alive. Also they can deepstrike if the mission allows and with leadership 10 are not as dependent on synapse (thought it does protect them form instant death).

Heavy Support
There are not many units in this category for this type of army unless you what to go a little against the extremely fast, close combat theme. In that case you can use a gunfex or zanthropes for fire support.

These are just examples of the types of unit that I would recommend for the kind of themed army you are looking for. The amount of these different units to use depends mostly on the amount of points you are using. I want more assistance for army composition post how many point you are planning on.

To start with I would recommend a fling tyrant or some leaping warriors and a few squads of hormogaunst, and then you could expand form there.

Hope that helps
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Well OT5 pretty much covered most of it. All I have to add is check out the forums and articles of Tyranids and other armies just to get a feel for things and advice.

Then maybe try posting an army in the Tyranid army list section so people can give you advice and to help you with what units to get and how to change your army.

don't forget gargoyles... fast little bastards. They're easily converted from normal gaunts if you can't afford the metal ones (who can!?).
If you're gonna play with ravengers why not also use a red terror :p.

If you count just being near you enemy early as 'fast' you could consider lictors and broodlord as they can infiltrarte.
Raveners and Lictors

If you're low on points you can use small units of Raveners (1~2) to back up your Hormagaunts as they race across the board, acting like Veterans, and you could equip them with rending claws to add some punch.
Lictors would be perfect for tying up Lobbas or Weapons Platforms, until your main wave reaches the enemy lines.
Raveners tend to normally be used best in small groups (one is actually best) if you have enough fast attack slots. This often presents the opponent with a choice, should I shoot the one ravener with my whole unit or redirect my fire at a larger unit. If they pick the first choice more likely then not some portion of their firepower will be wasted. On the other hand if they chose to shoot a larger unit it will most likely have a higher defensive value point for point and end up doing the same amount of damage or maybe even less. This tactic can greatly increase the life expectancy of your raveners as most players will decide to shoot the unit.

They can actual then almost act as veterans like Markus von Carstein stated, providing support for your other squads. Also I would almost always advise rending claws on raveners as this allows them to more easily deal with 3+/2+ saves at the cost of one attack. Let your hormogaunts worry about the weaker armor.

Just some extra information on raveners
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Also witth the hormies, try not to give them any biomorphs at all. WHen you make a swarm army, you want numbers and more numbers. IF you feel like you have to give them a biomorph, keep to one and only at 1pt, otherwise your points will disapear quickly.
Lictors, I believe, are essential for fast combat armies. They can tie shooty units so your Hormagaunts and Raveners have a better chance of hitting cc with gretaer numbers.
yeah and they prove very usefull in games that has the escalation special rule. :D or missions that make you have alot of reserves.
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