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hi, i have a iron hands army and im trying to add gk's as an allie could someone tell me the force orginiazation for allies lets say in a 1000pt game, much appreciated
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Your original iron hands army would have to make up the mandatory force organization chart requirements. So in a standard game you would need to choose one HQ and two troop choices form their list. Then you can add up to one HQ, one elites, two troops and one fast attack (not sure about heavy support, don't have my codex with me) from the GK list as allies. Also remember that these take up slot on you overall organization chart.

Hope that clears some things up.
OT5 is correct.

Oh, and Heavy Support is NOT allowed - no GK LR/LRCs, GK Dreadnoughts, or Orbital Strikes.

And all of the units brought in occupy the same FOC as your base army - so if you have three Iron Hand Elite slots, you can't have any DH Elite slots, as one FOC has only three Elite slots.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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