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Hi all,

Never played a 3k game before (and don't really do well in 2k either :p ) heh...

Made up a couple army lists but have models that can make most any lizardmen variation I want (other than southlands)...

(and before anyone says anything, special characters have always been official for most tournaments since they are play tested/balanced like the rest of the stuff in the codex).

Army Idea 1:


Slann Mage Priest - 2nd gen. Plaques of Dominion/tepok, Totem of Prophecy (magic std bearer)

Saurus Oldblood - tzunki blade, aura of quetzl, carnosaur - itzl, sotek, mark old ones (in case i need to make a ward save and pray that i do)


(removed as not sure what to take as I can't fit in both that I wanted - scar vet on cold one, and JSoD)


10 temple guard with mus/std (I only have 10 of them) ... should I try a lone slann instead?

2 units of 10 skink skirmishers with scout (blowpipes)
1 unit of 10 skink smirmishers non scout (blowpipes)


3 kroxigors
8 Saurus Cavalry with full command & huanchi blessed totem
3 terradons


20 saurus warriors h/w & shields, quetzl/tlazcotl, std/mus
15 saurus warriors h/w & shields, quetzl/tlazcotl, std/mus

Total points: 2737 so far
Casting dice: 7 (not including slann's free dice per spell)
Dispel Dice: 5
total models: 91

Army Idea 2:



Saurus Oldblood - tzunki blade, aura of quetzl, carnosaur - itzl, sotek, mark old ones (in case i need to make a ward save and pray that i do)


JSoD - sotek and tepok

Scar vet, scimitar of the sun, cold one, itzl and tepok. (would sotek and itzl be better? about burning blade instead of scim of the sun incase i fight heavy armoured foes or heroes?)


2 jungle swarms

8 Saurus cav with full command and huanchi blessed totem
10 Saurus cav with war banner, mus and std

2 units of 10 scouting skinks with blowpipes
1 unit of 10 skinks and blowpipes, non scout


3 kroxigors


3 salamanders

Total points: 2996 so far
Casting dice: 2 (no magic in army)
Dispel Dice: 4
total models: 72

This is a more fun army as I've never used a carnosaur before. The idea of 2 of them is like, a fluffy kroq gar army (from what i read in codex, it appears all the leader carnosaur riders are from his original spawning...his cavalry used to be carnosaur riders, now most died at the great demon war, so he has more saurus cav and i imagine the rest of the carno riders are other leaders for warbands, etc).

The first army I think can have a good magic phase, but also dish out in combat if I can get the lord and krox to hit the same target unit.

I thought about using Kroak..but my army would be so small, unless I can gaurantee a comet and earthquake each turn...prob not worth it. Please note, in Canada, grand tournaments and battle bunker tournies do NOT use the revised lore rules. I have made a Kroak list but to fit what I want, it comes to 3500 or so, so need to strip stuff

Another option for the slann/oldblood army is to drop his generation to 3 or 4, and then add another hero and a priest or another unit of something...

In terms of the tournies I have been to (and got rocked in ) hehe I've seen all sorts of armies at 1k and 2k. So I won't be surprised to face large demon armies, or chaos armies with bloodthirsters, lords on dragons, elven armies with 3 dragons, or even mass swarms with 1 or 2 heroes and tons of fodder (gnoblar horde or skaven). Also, there are a couple players known for having the cheesy tzeentch armies, and a Skaven SAD army. I fear khorne players as I can never beat them and I've never been able to handle a bloodthirster. Should I take more skinks to be able to shoot at it if I face it? I was thinking of a priest with cube of darkness incase I want to try and end an entire magic phase vs a tzeentch, elf, or vamp count player. In terms of tomb kings, know 3 TK players so they are not out of the question and I know 1 of them has settra, so Settra or even the OK overtyrant could be used. Maybe even valten Annointed (the 2 lord version)....



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I don't know which of the armies I'd choose, but I'll just give advise on how to improve them.

Firstly I wouldn't take 2 heroes. I'd drop the Oldblood back to a Scar-vet. Furthermore, I don't like the Blade of Tzunki. With his strength he'll negate most armour anyway so it's a waste of points. I'd stick with a Scimitar of the Sun, Sword of Might or a great weapon.

If you're spending points in an expensive 2nd Gen I'd definitely get a couple of Priests. If you can't pay for them it generally gives better results to take a 4th Gen Slann and a couple of Priests than a 2nd Gen Slann without.

The 10 Temple Guard indeed is a bit small. But you don't have to resort to a lone Slann. You cuold also stick him in your Saurus unit of 15 with those spawnings and get another unit of Saurus instead of the Temple Guard.

Do what you like, but I prefer javelins on my Skinks. I've seen somebody doing the math an in most occasions the javelins came out on top. The blowpipes only gave better results when stationary and against low Toughness units with a small save.

2 Carnosaurs... I'd like to see that. But again, I don't like the Blade of Tzunki. You'd be better of with another weapon.

As long as you cover your JSoD and hope nobody will notice him, you'll do fine. I assume he has a great weapon?

The rest of the army is fine. But I'd try to save some points somewhere to beef up the Jungle Swarms. As said on the other topic, they won't hold much on this point level. However, their charm is their speed compared to Saurus. They will keep up with the rest of the army. But still, you need a maximum unit to have them really effective.

Something that is very hard needed are Skinks. I'd take at least as many Skinks as you have in 2k. In 3k I'd take at least some 50 Skinks.

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