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Hi guys, ive ordered a black templars army from scifi genre, and its due to arrive tommorrow, ive been playing games with proxy untill now and im used to the army. id just like to know if anyone has any suggestions on how to paint the tabards, without using several coats of white, or is that the only way? (ive been a tau player for 4 years now, and im swappping over :ballon:

Also, off the subject, i feel like a doushe for asking but does anyone know how to get those banners in your signature, teh ones that say "tyranids player etc, i want to get a bt one.

God Bless, and thanks for the help in advance.


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One good way is to start from Dcorched Brown to Bestial Brown to Bleached Bone... always leaving some of the previous color showing to the recesses! Hope to see your minis soon! :)
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Don't use white except for the highest parts, I'ld go up from [probably bestial] brown to kommando khaki to white; myself. Of course I use kommando khaki for almost everything so maybe I'm biased but it always looks good.
If you want more of a pure white look then you'll want to wash white with space wolves grey. Over a black undercoat it might be best to start with that pale grey foundation paint then a single layer [or two] of white to start off.
It really depends on how you would like them to look and how good at painting you are.

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heh heh, narrow minded fools. I highly recommend that you open up your paint stock into P3, Reaper, and Vallejo paints. The cool thing about all three paint ranges is that they are intermixable. I can guarentee you a better finish.

For tabbards there are a few ways to go about this. You will need the following colors.
Black (from reaper - or p3)
Sunburnt Brown (Vallejo)
Brown Ink (Citadel)
Earthen Brown (Vallejo or Reaper, my mind is tripping on me atm)
Bleached Bone (Citadel)
Ivory (Vallejo)

You'll want to start mixing your umber and add black into it so you get a nice good basecoat that will cover up your primer. Grab your drybrush and start picking out the tops of curves. this will be your first layer.

Water down your brown ink so it just seeps into the creveses and doesnt leave a oily cover.

Grab your Earthen Brown, mix 50/50 depending on your preference to bring your shading up into Suntburnt
brown, (i would guess this would be more like an yellow orcher). clean up your detail with more watered down ink. And prepare to bring it up with another shade.

Take your next color and dumb it down from the previous color. once you get an even blend Pick out
the highest spots on your cloaks or whatever thingies..

Repeat this process untill you get a final layer of Ivory. Your cloaks will look astounding.

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heh heh, narrow minded fools...
Tsele said:
Hey Blade... nothing personal I assume right?
Yeah, you might want to think about how you start posts again mr. Blade.

I suspect you're being sarcastic, but it's hard to tell on the internet... That's what ";)" is for!

Anyway, there is some good advice above, I reccomend trying some of it out.
Personally, if I'm going for a brownish off-white, I'd start with Dark Flesh (or a similar Foundation), and work up to white, mixing in a Bone colour to start (and adding a little grey, to prevent your layers becoming pinkish).

Also, as far as the banner things go, I believe you can find them over **here**

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