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My Ultramarines Chapter, which ive built up for the last 3yrs, Which im soon going to change to my own chapter.
A few names i need to choose from not sure which goes with the army? The Praetorians, Praetorian Guard, Somehting Roman themed, the Praetors? Also is this a Company sized army? They will be ultramarine blue and bleached bone or white.

My list, all fully painted to competition standard;?.
Commander w/combi bolter + power fist
Standard Bearer

1st Veteran Suad (4 Tyrannid Veterans + Vet Sgt)
1st Terminator squad (5marines)assualt cannon + flamer+ m.launcher etc)
Dreadnought Tiberius (close combat weapon + twin las)

---------Troops (with various special weapons, Plas guns flamers etc)

1st Squad (5marines)
2nd Squad (5marines)
3rd Squad (5 marines)
4th (Mechanized) Squad (10marines+Rhino)
5th Scouts Squad

--------Fast Attack
1st Bike Squadron (3xbike)

--------Heavy Support
1st Devastator Squad (PlasCannon+Las cannon+melta gun+m.launcher +sgt)
Immolator (converted into space marines...)
Predator (Turret: Las cannon, sponsons: H.Bolters)
Vindicator MK I

--------current projects
  • Trying to make a close comabt squad of normal troopers but with hand made weapons, one of which has a homemade Heavy gun like a lascannon.
  • Trying to increase fast attack forces
Stuff i need
  1. I seriously need help on how to defend against ELDAR
  2. umm...and hes also building up a Dark Eldar force slowly..
  3. I could do withsome useful tactics
  4. Wat could i do to increase its all rouind punch?
Thanks for anyhelp or suggestions and is this a company sized army:? (2,344pt?)

I'm back >.>
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This isnt a company army, companies consist of Captain, Command Squad, Razorback, 6 Squads of Marines with Rhinos, 2 Assault Squads and 2 Devastator Squads with Rhinos. So keep adding to it.

Immolator isnt a marine choice so rule that out. Swap the dreadnoughts CCW for a Missile Launcher as this is more effective. For Fast ATtack when you add to it add an Assault Squad kitted out 10 man with PF and Plasma Pistols at this point add a JP Chappy to the list to run alongside them.
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