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Night goblin great shaman (140 )
- lvl 4 (+35)
- channelling staff (+15)
(190 )


Night goblin big boss (30 )
- Light armour (+2)
- shield (+2)
- BSB (+25)
- badmoon banner (+50 )

Night Goblin Shaman (50 )
- lvl 2 (+35)


60 night goblins (180 )
- 3 Fanatics (+75)
- BSB (+10 )
- musician (+10 )
- boss (+10 )

20 goblin archers (60 )
- 3 Fanatics (+75)


2 mangler squigs (130 )

TOTAL: 934 pts

All feedback would be appreciated!

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First thing. don't post individual point costs for a unit/character. Just post the total cost of each unit/character.

that out of the way lets look at the list.

You are going to have a pretty strong magic phase with a level 4 and a level 2, especially with the Night Goblins Mushrooms. You can save a few points by dropping the channeling staff on the level 4. Level 2 upgrade can be dropped in favor of a dispel scroll, even level 4 can be dropped to level 3 without causing a huge problem in your own magic phase.
In fact I would try to get the lord a ward save if possible, as it is now he has no chance to save wounds from miscasts and losing him is a big blow to the army.
I might try and find points for a Big Boss to increase your armies leadership score
BSB is not bad, though I would probably swap the bad moon banner for the standard of discipline, (Having an army with max ld 7, even stubborn, is just begging to be chased off the table).

As for the army portion of the list. If you are trying for competitiveness I am not impressed to be honest. You have two units. Two. One of which is a minimum sized goblin unit that can, and will, be wiped out despite fanatics/stand-and-shoot.
Manglers are great and fun but they are not reliable enough to be the main hitters of the army. You are going to need another unit that can hit hard and kill stuff. Trolls are good at that.
I'd drop the big goblin unit size down to 50 and put the other ten in the unit of 20.
Drop 2 fanatics (one from each unit) maybe even drop the level 2 all together and see how many trolls you can put down in their place.

So to summarize; Leadership is going to be a huge problem, not killing enough is going to be a huge problem and exploding shamans is going to be a huge problem.
Once you sort out those three problems your list will improve drastically.

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As Nova mentioned, the pointcosts showing is against forum rules.

i also agree with pretty much everything else he said :p

The manglers are ace, fanatics pack a little punchand its easy to bring tons of gobbo's. However the leadership will allways be a problem and this list lacks a strong hitting unit.
its a funny list, but goblins are goblins, and maybe too much has been put into upgrading them and adding characters.

Trolls are an ok choice, but they bring more leadership problems.
Squigherds are ItP and hit hard. If you are willing to get them, those are the way to go. There are also other creaters for sale online, like the little yeti squigs, or the rubber spiders, which are cheaper than the actual GW squigs.
... doomdivers and wolf chariots are another option, if you are willing to step away from the night goblin theme.
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