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Hi! as the title says; i need help to build a list and maybee some tactics

i just got a hold of some models and i have issued a challenge against a chaos player.

These are my minis

1 goblin boss with weapon and shield
1 NG boss with 2h wep
1 NG Shaman
2 BSBs (there are some banner holder in the NGs aswell but these have a more distinct look)
1 Goblin warboss on wyvern. I know they cant use a wyvern but i think its modeled like that for aesthetic reasons

10 orc Boyz with 2 hand weps
20 Savage orcs with 2 weapons
about 80 painted NG with bows and spears (i thinkk 40 each?) and maybe 80 more not painted
3 fanatics
12 spider riders with spears
35 goblins on wolfs

3 wolf charriots
2 spear chukkas
5 Squig hoppers
7 trolls (the blue ones, stone trolls but i belive you can use them as anyone?)
3 bases with 2 nightgoblins with a spearthing, i belive they are squig herders.
about 40 squigs

Arachnarok Spider
2 Doom Divers
1 Giant
1 big squig (i think i will use it as a Mangler Squig)
2 River trolls (i think they should arrive in the mail today)
2 rock lobbers
1 snotling pump wagon.

1 Colossol Squig, The forgeworld one, i will use it as a giant or a Mangler Squig

So is this enugh to make a decent 2500 point list?

i am not sure what BSB to use etc

Any advise is also welcomed

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this is what i conjured during a meeting at work

+ Lords + (369pts)

* Goblin Warboss (74pts)
Great Weapon Shield

* Night Goblin Great Shaman (200pts)
Lore of da Little Waaagh!, Wizard Level 4
* Magic Items (25pts)
BRB - Dispel Scroll

* Night Goblin Warboss (95pts)

Great Cave Squig (40pts)

+ Heroes + (75pts)

* Goblin Big Boss (75pts)

* Battle Standard Bearer
BRB - Standard of Discipline

+ Core + (923pts)

* 5 Goblin Wolf Riders (60pts)

* 5 Goblin Wolf Riders (60pts)

* Night Goblins (285pts)
Netters 2x Night Goblin Fanatics Standard Bearer (10pts)
* 60x Night Goblins (180pts)
60x Hand Weapons and Shields

* 56 Night Goblins (248pts)

Netters 1 Night Goblin Fanatics (25pts) Standard Bearer (10pts)
Hand Weapons and Shields

* 10x Orc Boyz (85pts)
Boss Standard Bearer

* 20x SO 185pts
Boss Standard Bearer

+ Special + (528pts)

* Goblin Spear Chukka (35pts)

* Goblin Spear Chukka (35pts)

* Goblin Wolf Chariot (50pts)

* Goblin Wolf Chariot (50pts)

* Goblin Wolf Chariot (50pts)

* Night Goblin Squig Herd (108pts)

12x Cave Squig 4x Night Goblin Herder
5x Night Goblin Squig Hopper (60pts)

* 4x Trolls (140pts)

+ Rare + (605pts)

* Arachnarok Spider (290pts)

* Doom Diver Catapult (80pts)

* Goblin Rock Lobber (85pts)

* Goblin Rock Lobber (85pts)

* Mangler Squigs (65pts)

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Looks good, but I think there are some stuff that could be better. Firstly, this edition Squigs work differently and you can't have Squig Hoppers in the Squig Herd unit, they're separate. Squig Hoppers are not that great, but together with the NG Warboss they could work.

Giant should work great against Chaos, unless they have the Hellcannon - they work especially well against big stuff.

I would exchange one of the Lobbas for another Doom Diver - they are just the thing to use against few troops with high armour save, and the other one for either a second Mangler or a Pump Wagon with Giant Spores. These are all very cheap and murderous against Chaos Warriors (against cavalry even more so).

Do you want to proxy the Orc Boyz for ten more Savage Orcs? If not, I'd drop them, they won't do anything in such a small number. I'm not sure about the Savages - 30 is OK, 20 a bit few. Other hammer units are Squig Herd and Trolls and they both could be more numerous, so from these three I'd choose two. Trolls are really good and cheap, but need babysitting from both General and BSB. Squigs and Orcs are fairly independent.

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I removed the unit of ten boyz had 6 trolls and made both NG units 60 strong. One with bows and one with spears.
And I like to think I did pretty good. Only lost with 200pts
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