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Hi, I'm new to the site but not to the 40k world
I LOVE genestealers and have been challenged by an Eldar player to a 3000points game..the largest I've ever had so far (had a joint game of apocalypse but it was only 2k per player)

So here's my list
Flyrant with 2xscything talons, warp field, toxin sacs

Broodlord with ext carapace, 11 Genestealer retinue with ext carapace and scyth talons

12 Genestealers with ext carapace and scuttlers
12 Genestealers with ext carapace and scuttlers
12 Genestealers with ext carapace and scuttlers
12 Genestealers with ext carapace
12 Genestealers with ext carapace
12 Genestealers :party2:

Zoanthorpe with warp blast

"Sniper fex" - barbed strangler & venom cannon, enhanced senses and tusked

"linebreaker" - scything talons and crab claws, ext carapace, adrenal glads (ws) mace tail and flesh hooks, reinforced chitin and bonded exokeleton---- A MONSTER!!!! 8X

6 Warriors with wings, scything talons, enhanced senses, 4 Deathspitters, 1 VC and 1 BS with toxin sacs

2 Lictors ;Y

And thats roughly 3000points. I used gargoyles before and found them to be a nuisance more than anything else (for me) and the warriors didnt get close enough since they have 2 attacks anyways and could only get the use out of that with the VCs 2 shots..

The idea is that the flyrant flies down with the warriors, and the lictors pop up either in front of them or along a flank. the genestealers will move forward in one mass down a flank supported by the sniper fex, and the other big beastie will slowly charge up the middle drawing fire.

suggestions - criticisms, all welcome!

thanks for reading
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