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Okay, I thought I'd try a more Mech SM list this tournament, and see how that went.


Captain//////////////////////////////////////////////BP, CCW
Tactical Squad 1 (9 Marines, 1 Sergeant)/////////Terminator Honors, Powerfist
TS1 Rhino///////////////////////////////////////////Smoke Launchers, PMSB
Tactical Squad 2 (9 Marines, 1 Sergeant)/////////Terminator Honors, Powerfist
TS2 Rhino///////////////////////////////////////////Smoke Launchers, PMSB
Land Speeder Tornado/////////////////////////////Assault Cannon
Predator Annihilator////////////////////////////////Heavy Bolters on Side Sponsons
Dreadnought////////////////////////////////////////Heavy Flamer

Total 998

I don't know who I'll face, or what kind of missions that will take place, so it's really a generalist list. Ideas or comments?


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a mech space marine list seems to work best if its geared towards mech assault or mech fire power; and with only 7 hvy weapons and 21 infantry i wouldn't rely on out shooting any one with this list.

at the same time your captain needs a power weapon and an invulnerable save if hes going to get into close combat; and a sqd to join as at the moment hes running around on his own and will be out paced by the rhino tactical squads. or equip him with a ranged weapon.

personnaly i'd drop one of the dread's and switch the troops choices to :

10x tac - powerfist, melta gun, rhino

5x tac - plasma gun, razorback-twinlinked lascannon

5x tac - power weapon or power fist, flamer, frag grenades, razorback- hvy bolters
and the captain (now with power weapon and combat shield or the like) can join this sqd in the razor bak to assault.

i havn't checked the pionts for this but by droping the dred, the pintle mounted storm bolters and if neccessary the las cannon down to an auto annon on the predator (as you now have a las cannon on the rz bk) you should be able to make these changes that would give more options in both shooting or assault so would be more flexable if you don't know what you will be facing.
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