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Are they buggery. Asked what I thought was a simple enough question regarding the contents and availability of a Dark Angels Tactical Squad box and got a three word reply; 'I don't know.' so I'm asking it here. After receiving my DA Codex in German and two wrong paints a week ago I've realised they are on a par with NTL in the 'don't have a clue' stakes.

So, is the Dark Angel Tactical Squad box set still available or not? It is linked to the online store via GW website, but if you look on the online store it's not there.
If it is available, does it contain the updated sprue with the meltagun and plasma gun etc options or just the flamer option?

Incidently, I'm having trouble accessing the clubs and clans section of the website. It just freezes on me and I have to reboot my system everytime. Any ideas?


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Yes its available. I have purchased like 3-4 of them in the past year or so.

Don't remember about the actual sprue itself... I generally cut up my sprues on arrival into my parts bins (heads arms etc) but I know it has a big scary plasma cannon.. (which has won me at least 3 games by itself )
The Dark Angels tactical box comprises:

1 metal Sgt, Plasma pistol and Chainsword.
1 metal Plasma Cannon
8 plastic Tactical Marines.

There are no special weapons present.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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