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Ok well i finally got the basic fluff for the SCIONS OF AQUARIUS typed out but i still have of special stuff to come. Anywho first off their color is now Primed black,Enchanted blue armor, Scorpion green highlights. The sign of aquarius in scorp green on both shoulder pads and shoulder pad trims scorpion green. Now here's the fluff. Please critic this and some of it is old but i have some new stuff as well...enjoy!

Scions of Aquarius
Chapter s home world
The home world of the Scions of Aquarius is the planet of Atlantis. Atlantis is mainly comprised of tropical beaches in which some have their own forests and most important to the chapter, its magnificent oceans. At the two poles of the Atlantis there is artic waters and big snow islands. Not only do the Scions of Aquarius live on this planet, but there are quite a few tribes in which Scions of Aquarius draw their marines from. Most tribe members are excellent swimmers and fierce hunters which would make them great marines. It is said that the Oceans of Atlantis are so deep that there’s almost no core to the planet what so ever. The marine’s bases and fortress’s on this planet are located deep on the ocean floor where it is said that a normal human would die before reaching it due to pressure. This world’s ocean contains some of the imperium’s most needed resources.

Anyone who wants to be inducted into the Scions Aquarius has to go threw the other Space Marine tests as well as the additional 3:
1. The first thing that they have to do is swim all the way across atlantis within 3 days.
2. To be apart of this chapter they have to be able to ride the chapters enhanced bikes and go threw a course and pass it on their first try.
3. The final test is all the survivors of the first test all chained to the bottom of the ocean and must free themselves.
The final step of them being inducted is that they have their pointer finger on their right hand replaced with a bionic finer to show their allegiance to the Iron hands.

Combat Doctrine
All thought they have a home planet; the chapter spends most of their time in water systems of other planets. Some reasons as to why they set up on other planets is that they’re either looking for something, or planning to attack any enemies of the Imperium on the planet. They will set up small bases underwater and wait for enemies of the Imperium to come into the area and when the enemy least expects it they will come charging out rushing at the enemy. They will even use these bases to get their troops ready for battle on the planet they are on and send them for a strike no matter how far the enemy is away. All though these marines prefer fighting in water regions for advantageous reasons they will still fight battles in cities, grasslands and other places. Devastator squads and other fire-based units will normally try to station them selves in the water or above it as well as hiding themselves well on the beaches read to rain hell on any enemy entering. The Scions of Aquatics are excellent swimmers and can swim 1 mile in 3 minutes, which gives them excellent, hit and run skills when by water. Another tactic these marines will use is hitting the enemy with a hard force, retreating back into the water for a few minutes, then reappearing again for a second go. One of the most common tactics enforced in the chapter is using their specialized water bikes, which can drive in and above water allowing the marines to make fast surgical strikes.

The scions of Aquarius are strong haters of the Tau race. In fact anytime they kill a tau squadron leader they will take one part of it, cut it off and wear it as a trophy. While the cause of this deep hatred is a mystery most believe that it has to do with the tau’s arrogance and greater good teachings. Another reason may be the killing of their greatest warrior of all time Master Glivion. They also believe that they as well as the Iron hands are the chosen chapters of the emperor to bring peace to the imperium and wipe out all enemies. (More beliefs soon)

The adeptus mechanics creates specialized vehicles for the scions of aquaris that are specialized for working in and out of water.

Dreadnought: Dreadnoughts of this chapter strike fear into almost all living things. The dreadnoughts of this chapter usually look like a crab or octopus.

Bikes and Speeders: The bikes and speeders for this chapter are equipped for under water purposes as well as above water. While the don’t have wheels they over above the ground.

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Looks good exept the final test but still, it fits to the chapter.

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I though that the fluff was pretty good. You made it a little more relaistic than your previous fluff. Anyways you should have fun customizing your guys to look aquatic and giving them chopped up Tau bits on there bases muahahha:yes:

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IronFather0 said:
I think that's against forum rules..

But your fluff is good.

It is said that the Oceans of Atlantis are so deep that there’s almost no core to the planet what so ever.
Which is physically impossible.. (Sorry.. I'm a geek)

1. Unless the core there was impossibly dense, the planet wouldn't be heavy enough to support all that water, let alone an atmosphere.. it would all drift off into space.

2. Planetary layers don't generally vary much.. Hence, if the oceans were that deep (due to an impossibly dense core), there would be no islands at all.. none whatsoever. I guess you could have a waterworld style society living on rafts, farming algae and fishing, but no islands.

3. The pressure at the bottom of those oceans would be.. incredible. Water could not retain its liquid state at that pressure, so you'd end up with a core of warm ice anyway.

Make no mistake, planets are big.. they're very big. If you drained the oceans from the earth and shrunk it down to pool ball size, the differences between land and oceans would be inperceptable to the touch, and it would appear completely smooth. There's a lot of mass down there.
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