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As I said in the Introductions forum, I like to play in all the Games Workshop universes whatever if the game is developed by GW itself or by other publishers.

I read in the White Dwarf of this month a news about Heroes of Black Reach, a game in the Warhammer 40,000 universe and it will be published by a french publisher, Devil Pig Games, in March (it seems there is an error in the White Dwarf).
One of my friends has their World War Two and Cthulhu's versions and the game system is very fun.

Here is the copy of their news:

"Heroes of Black Reach in White Dwarf! Games Workshop gives us an incredible support in speaking of Heroes of
Black Reach on a full page of their legendary magazine.
There will also be another surprise in the February issue of White Dwarf, but we will say no more…"
View attachment 60010
(how can I do for showing the picture?)

Is it the first time that Games Workshop helps another publisher who have one of its licence?


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