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Greetings Fellow Gamers,

It has been a while since I posted anything, but I figured I would jump back in. :D

I would like to propose a house rule to you in regards to what we have dubbed: Herohammer 40k.

It goes something like this. You create a commander as per the rules in your respective codex. This commander must take up one of the HQ slots available to you (in regards to mission being played, etc), and is given a stat card (can be as simple as a 3x5 index card, or a full-on dossier of his accomplishments and failures. It is permissible to use 'special characters' in this manner if it is agreed upon by all parties.

At the end of each battle, the commander rolls on the Infantry Battle Honors table located in the Warhammer 40k Rulebook.

You get one roll on the chart, and this is modified as follows:
* Model was a casualty (removed from the board for any reason, or did not show up at all [i.e. bad reserves rolls]) -2
++ Model fled the field of battle -1
++ Model was on the losing side -1
++ Model was victorious in assault +1 (this is a one-time bonus, so combat monstrosities don't get too many unfair advantages)
++ Model was on the winning side +1
++ Model was on the winning side in a victorious slaughter +2*
*this is not cumulative with being on the winning side in general

Negative numbers result in a battle honor being lost (starting with the most recently gained)

The result of the roll is added to his dossier. These skills do not modify the commander's point cost, and you may only utilize as many battle honors as your opponent has unless otherwise agreed to (minimum of two, starting from the first earned). Battle honors are kept until removed via a losing streak (as indicated above).

A battle honor may be applied to any unit that is involved in the mission being played once per game. If you have duplicate battle honors, they may each be used once.

For example. Zarphael, the Dark Angels commander, has Rapid Deployment (which allows a reroll for reserves). On turn 3, he wants his other deathwing squad to show up, and rolls a 1. He may elect to use his battle honor to re-roll that result (and hope the dice gods dont forsake him) to allow his terminators to show up.

Some time later, Zarphael has earned more battle honors, and now has Rapid Depoyment x2, and Grizzled Veterans. In this game, he is once again waiting for his deathwing coningent to arrive. It is turn 2, and he wants to make sure the remaining terminators show up to strenghten his weakened flank. He has 3 terminator squads in reserve. The first one gets a 6 and shows up. The second gets a 2, so he opts to reroll, and gets a 4. The third squad gets a 3, and Zarphael uses his second reroll on them and gets a 1. He has used two of his three battle honors, and still has his Grizzled Veterans battle honor to use later if he so desires

As the campaign continues, commanders (i.e. the players) can start developing strategies based on the skills their leaders develop.

Any commander can be retired, fired, summarily executed, lost to the warp, eaten, turned into a spawn, etc. His dossier is retired with him, and you may create a new commander. No player can have more than one 'Commander' and you are not obligated to use them in a mission, but using a generic leader does not prevent your opponent from using his minimum allowed battle honors.

I look forward to hearing your opinions.

Very Respectfully,
--The Forsaken

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Sounds interesting.
I do like the Idea of Commanders gaining XP in a campaign
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