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Well, I've been around the forums for a few months now and haven't really introduced myself. I just had the audacity of posting a few lists then was arrogant enough to think I knew what I was doing enough to comment on lists.

Anywho, hi. My name is Josh, I'm 20 year old and majoring in Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics with a minor in Astronomy. I play IG and DH in 40k, Imperial and Chaos in BFG, and I'm a playtester for Fantasy Flight Games' Rogue Trader.

Got a question in a PM, yes I do actually play ice hockey :act-up: .

Uhmmmmmm....not quite sure what I do facts?

Oh, how about this, two facts about me that no one ever believes:

1) I'm a member of a college fraternity, was voted in as Vice President of the organization this spring.

2) I am training to be a ninja, I currently hold the rank of 7th Ku in the Bujinkan.

Kind of a weird eclectic mix of things, but I figure that everyone around here is. So how about you guys, what crazy quirks do you all have?
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