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Which apocalypse asset against Smurfs?


I'm going to play a 3k apocalypse game, but I can't decide on which asset I should take. I play Tau, and I'll be fighting Smurfs. I'm using all of my rail guns ( 3 broadsides, 3 hammerheads and 1 tigershark
), 2 units of fire warriors in fishs, 2 units of pathfinders and battle suits for th rest of the pionts.

I don't know what he will be using, but i know about the most things he got:

3 or 4 drop pods
4 or 5 rhinos
1 land raider/crusader
1 predator
1 razorback
1 or 2 vindicators
Democles rhino
1 or 2 dreads
some termies
about 10 bikes
and then just marines (assault, veterans, stern, scout)

So, I can't decide on which asset I should take. Right now, I'm looking on, Darkstar Warhead, Remote Drone Network and Disruptor Beacon.

If there is anyone with experience about apocalypse (This will be my first game) and know how good the different assest is, then it would be nice if I could get some advice about this.

Thanks in advance

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Disruptor Beacons are really excellent at preventing the enemy from arriving in your back yard. However, you need to be able to deploy several of them in order to cover your entire back line. Take out the models which have the Beacons and your defence is down. In a 30k-a-side game I played in (Tau vs IG/Blood Ravens) the Tau played with 4 Disruptors on Command Piranhas and successfully banished three out of four units of Terminators. However, that was fortunate in that our dice rolls were successful, plus the Piranhas' Disruption Pods had saved the vehicles a number of times, thus retaining the protective ring of confidence!

The Remote Drone Network was the other asset we took, and it was just pure brilliance. You obviously know what way it works; the point is that it can NEVER be disabled, so you are never going to be without Markerlights. If you have the choice of just a single asset, then I would go with the RDN without hesitation.

I can't remember what assets the Blood Ravens player took, but I *think* one of them was Flank March. If your opponent is using this asset, then Disruptor Beacons are ideal. However, if he isn't, there appears to be only Infiltrating Scouts and Deep Striking Termies to cause problems (barring the Drop Pods of course), so it would be back to the RDN again.

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