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High Elf 2000 Pts

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Ok this is the army I'm working towards. I think it's best you read my fluff first (it's in the fluff forum), before making comments as it might make a bit more sense.

Dragon King, Tathar Elessar (Prince) - 239 pts
Dragon Armour, Ithilmar Barded Elven Steed
Pure Of Heart
THe Dragon's Fang (Sword Of Might)
The Dragon Crown (Vambraces Of Defence)
Enchanted Shield

Celahir Calafarlar,Commander Of The Sea Guard - 120 pts
Hand Weapon, Spear, Heavy Armour, Shield
Reaver Bow

Mage Elros Tasardur (Level 2) - 192 pts
Hand Weapon, Barded Elven Steed
Ring Of Fury, Jewel of the dusk

Mage Maeglin Linwelin (Level 2) - 180 pts
Hand Weapon
Dispel Scroll (x2), Silver Wand

15 Lothern Sea Guard - 275 pts
Spear,Hand weapon, Bow, Light Armour, Shield
Contains full command

10 Archers - 120 pts
Hand Weapon, Longbow

20 Spearmen - 250 pts
Spear, Hand weapon, Light Armour, Shield
Contains full command

7 Dragon Princes Of Caledor - 244 pts
Lance, Hand Weapon, Dragon Armour, Shield, Ilthimar Barded Elven Steed
contains full command - Banner Of Ellyrion

15 Swordmasters Of Hoeth - 275 pts
Two-Handed Sword (Great Weapon), Hand Weapon, Heavy Armour
contains full command - Banner Of Sorcery

Repeater Bolt Thrower - 100 pts
Crew have Hand Weapons

Total = 1995 pts

Dragon King leads Dragon Princes
Commander leads Sea Guard
Mage Maeglin leads Swordmasters
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Well, first off, I dont think the Seaguard are nessecary. Use normal Spearmen. Without the 5thed rule of shooting in two ranks, the seaguard arent that good anymore. Get spearmen instead, and use the points otherwise.

And Id rather get a lvl1 mage with 2 disp scrolls, as he could serve as a dispeller in general since he doesnt have the Seer Honour, I dont feel that he can do much damage anyways. Your battlemage, the mounted one, should be the main caster. Give him Seer Honour for tactical advantage, perhaps.

Also, the Swordmasters are THE unit to be targeted with arrows and the likes. Putting that banner in there might be a bad choice. Id stick it with the Spearmen, as they dont die as fast.

And perhaps another RBT wouldnt be out of place? swarmkillers and char killers they are =) .
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