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high elves painting question

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I was wondering if it would look good since I already painted my first spearmen silver chainmail and hawk tuquoise lining (like the HE book shows). I was thinking of painting the chainmail turquoise and the lining white. Do you think that would look good or not?
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Actully making your units diffrent like different paint schemes is a good idea. I have seen because some of my friends units dont rank up well and each of them has something different in the unit so that he knows which guy goes in which unit.
I think it would look cool. Just try and see for yourself.
I use high elf bodies, legs, and torsoes in making my Imperial guard, so I can understand your problem. If you have a banner carrier, why not make the banner different, and store/transport them seperately?

Also, to be even more precise, you could always write on the underside of the base what unit they belong to (A, B, C, etc.) and what rank they are in (1, 2). Thus they could be Unit A, and you would know which guys to put in which rank. That way you can paint all your guys the same and you have army unity as well as organization.
I more mean would it look good or do you think it would look like I changed halfway through or something? but thanks for the advice.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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