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High Elves vs Brettonia 2k

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Okay, Now i was playing for real. The dwarf game was kind of a trial thing. Testing out what works what doesnt.

High Elves:
Lvl 4, Silver Wand, Ring of Fury, 3 Scrolls
Lvl 2, Ring of Corin, Jewel of Dusk
Commander, Steed, Barding, Heavy Armor, Shield, Lance, Guardian Pheonix, Helm of Fortune
Commander, Eagle, Heavy Armor, Enchanted Shield, Lance, Reaver Bow
10 Archers
18 Spears wSB, musicien (deployed 4 wide)
5 Silver helms
2 Chariots
5 Shadow Warriors
5 Dragon Princes, WSB, Banner of Sorcery + Commander
1 Eagle

Brettonia: (he had 3 rare choices, but i let it go anyways, he told me before the game so i was fine with it)
Duke, Horsy, Sword of Quest, thing that lets him hit on 2+ one time.
Damsel, item of no flying for a turn, scroll
BSB, Banner of Use 3 dice of ld test
Paladin on foot, great weapon, empathy (makes him on foot)
24 Men @ Arms
2x 10 Bowmen
8 Questing Knights + BSB
8 Realm Knights + Damsel
8 Realm Knights + Duke, banner of ignore terrain penalties
3 Grail Knights
3 Pegusii
5 Mounted Yeomen
2 Trebuchets

Deployment: *forgot the pegusii and mounted yeomen in the pic*...they are in turn 1.

High Elves Turn 1:
I immedialty set the traps. Eagle flies to bait the questing, shadow warriors go to the edge of the right side of the woods, to get some shots into the the yeomen. Mounted commander, and dp get into position to counter charge. I chose lore of death with my lvl 4, and second sign with lvl2. In magic and shooting i reduced the left most knight unit to 4. And even with doom and darkness (-3 ld) they passed their panic on ld 6. the archers and shadow warriors killed 4 yeomen, and the reaver bow took out a questing knight.

Brettonia Turn 1: The last yeomen charges the eagle. The questing try to reach the dp, but fail their charge. Everything moves up. The right trebuchet kills the eagle and the yeomen due to scatter. Intersting struggle on the right side as the dp might get swamped, but i did the right thing nextturn. The mage also activate her no flying for next turn. tch!

High Elves Turn 2: With a yell the dragon princes charged into the questing knights. My lvl 4 moved to the edge of the forest. My chariots moved over just incase the combat doesnt go so well. Shadow warriors move towards the trebuchet, my archers kill a few of his, they panic off the board. In magic, i successfully cast drain life, killing 3 out of 4 of the kotR unit, a few from the general's unit, wiped out the grail knights, and most imortantly, reduced the questing down to 4 + the BSB. Other magic/shooting finished off the last KotR. I destoryed the banner on his duke's unit with the ring of corin. I caused a wound on the bsb in combat, and another on the questing, but everyone held.

Bretts Turn 2: The pegusii charged arhcers, who stood and shot and put a wound on them. Eveytihng moved up, my archmage took a wound from the left archers. the archers held somehow, and so did the dragon princes. The general ran out of his unit towards the questing knight combat

High Elves Turn 3: the Shadow warriors charged the treb crew, and the eagle commander moved towards the other trebuchet. The bolt throwers failed to kill any knights from the generals unit, but magic killed the bowmen, and dropped a knight. The archers held again somehow, and so did the dp. By the way, the bsb and commander were duking it out in a challenge, him somehow continuously rolling 6s for armor while nothing got by my 1+ rerollable 5+ ward. The trebuchet crew held as well.

Bretts Turn 3: His knights charge my spears. The trebuchet crew are destroyed by the shadow warriors, my archers are wiped out. My spears win combat by one because of hw + shields, and break the knights. they dont catch them.

High Elves Turn 4: My spears tried to catch the kotr and failed, the reaver bow commander charged and broke the trebuchet crew. The chariots and silverhelms break and destroy [email protected] A, i persue into the archers, and destory them next turn as well. the commander picks a good time to kill the bsb, and the last two questing are chased by the commander and dragon prince bsb.

Bretts Turn 4: His damsel gets an IF forked lightning on my archmage and kills him. The pegusii move back up.

High Elves Turn 5: The DP turn, The reaver bow commander and commander reduce the pegusii to one wound. I get an IF thunder bolt and nail his general.

AT this point, my opponent surrenders, giving me a massacre.

notes on the game: The 1+ rerollable and 5+ ward commander is awesome. he can even hold up vampires, chaos lords, anything that doesn't negate his armor. Shadow warriors were used properly. All in all, im pretty satisfied with the list. I suppose it has potential. Magic and shooting really put holes in his army. Record: 1/1/0
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Nice Job, Interesting choice of magic lores, I usually, take lore of metal to melt all of the Knights lances when I play Brets.

Great report with pics and all... keep it up.
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